Approaching Women in a Bar: Ditch the Cheesy Pickup Lines

“Be confident while talking to her”

Meeting women in a bar is one of the most difficult ways tomeet women. This is because women rarely go to a bar alone. When they are at the bar, they are on the lookout for cheesy guys trying to hit on them and they are leery whenever a guy does not live up to her expectations. This is why cheesy pickup lines need to be scrapped right from the get-go. This is nothing more than a lame way to try and get her to crack a smile and it does not work anymore.

Rather than opening up with asking to buy her a drink, Introduce yourself, ask if she minds if you sit down and start talking to her about something real. This will engage her, get her interested in getting to know you and actually want to keep you around for a little while. You will have much better luck than something out of a Vaudeville act.

Introduce Yourself

When you walk up to a woman, smile at her and just introduce yourself. Tell her your name and ask what her name is. This will establish right off the bat that you are different from 90% of the guys trying to talk to her. You are a real person looking to talk with a real person. Make sure you are not overly eager with a handshakeor anything. Keep your distance, but get close enough she can hear you without straining. If you have to repeat yourself, it could make this awkward and this is not a time you want anything to be awkward.

Ask If You Can Sit Down

Ask if she minds if you sit down to talk with her. This shows her you have respect for her privacy and you are not just going to invite yourself to sit down with her and talk to her. By her giving you permission to sit down, she is giving you permission to talk with her as well. She will definitely be waiting to see what is going to happen next. Knowing this, it is time to make a move which will help you to have the best chance of doing more than just having a conversation.

Talk about Something Real

“Be yourself – Girls don’t like boys who act phony”

As you sit down, start talking about something real. If you noticed she was wearing an article of clothing you know something about, this can be an interesting way to break the ice. You can also talk about something you are wearing. The main thing is to not just talk about something out of the blue not connected to the two of you. You want to keep her engaged with you in the conversation. If her mind is wondering elsewhere, you have lost her.

You will notice at this point you have not offered to buy her a drink at all. You just want to talk with her. If you should notice while you are talking that her drink is empty, offer to buy her a new one, mentioning you want to keep talking. This will keep her engaged with you and ready for something more.


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