Date Spots That Are Good for Taking a Fling Girlfriend To

“Mountain biking”

There’s a level between one-night stand and serious relationship, and that’s a casual fling. The woman you’re seeing doesn’t want commitment any more than you do and you’re seeing each other, but only so often. Since your relationship isn’t purely about quick hookups, it’s only natural to want to take her out on a date or two. The problem of where to take her arises, though.

With a serious girlfriend, you could treat her to a romantic dinner at a restaurant or even at home, but with a casual girlfriend you don’t want to give her something like that to avoid sending her the wrong message. If you haven’t had a casual fling girlfriend in the past, don’t worry. There are spots that exist for dates that are great to take her to so you can still have fun without feeling like a committed man.

Laid-Back and Inexpensive

The best date spots for casual couples are ones that are laid-back and low-key. They’re usually more fun and carefree than date spots you might take a serious girlfriend to. Five-star restaurants are probably out, and even if one of her biggest interests is the theater, an expensive ticket to a theatrical performance probably isn’t your best bet either. Those types of high-profile date spots are out for a casual relationship. They make it look like you’re trying too hard to impress her, and to be honest, they’re just too much money to spend on a relationship that you’re not putting your all into.

Great Ideas

“Take her to a live concert”

If the woman you’re seeing likes sports, athletic dates are always a great idea. If you live near mountains, taking a day trip up to the mountains and finding a rock climbing area or finding a club that offers indoor rock climbing is a great idea. Playing an organized sport with a few friends can also be very rewarding and is a great laid-back experience that allows you to spend time together but doesn’t feel like a traditional date. Exercising gives you a release of endorphins, so you’re going to have a lot of fun and feel great doing it. Almost any place that isn’t serious and doesn’t make you act like a committed couple can be a great date spot for the casual fling couple.

Energy-fueled concerts and clubs are great options if the two of you like to get a little wild. They have such a good atmosphere, too, that by the time you leave you won’t be able to wait to get home and jump into bed. If you or your girlfriend leans more towards the artsy side, there’s a wide variety of great things to do even for the casual couple. Taking a pottery class together is a great overlooked date spot, and the best thing is that it won’t even feel like a date. If the two of you have enough in common to want to date at least casually as opposed to hook up when you have free time, it’s all about finding common interests.


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