Dating College Women

“Try to hit on younger women”

If you still want to have some fun and are on a budget, then it can be hard to impress older women. Older women have ridiculously high standards and expect men to empty their wallets to impress them, which just isn’t feasible for some people. If you want to date and save money, try out a college-age woman instead. Women at that age are known for being interested in older men, and don’t expect you to move the stars for them before they’ll consider dating you. If you can put up with a few minor annoyances, you’ll be in heaven.

Where to Find Them

“Coffee shops or bars”

If you live in or by a college town, then you’re already in good shape. The ladies will be crawling all over every bar and coffee shop you go into and you’ll be golden. If you aren’t lucky enough to live in a college town, then don’t worry about it. You can either travel to a college town for your next night out or you can wait it out. College kids always come home for holidays like Christmas and their summer break, so your hometown will be filled with countless college women. They’ll still be at their regular haunts – bars, coffee shops, and any other places where they can have fun for cheap.

Flirting with Them

If you’re terrified of talking to women your age, then you’ll be thrilled to talk to college-age women. Again, they aren’t nearly as difficult to please. Just bring up a popular band, a movie, or something else related to pop culture and they’ll be all over it. Women at that age love to talk potentially even more than older women, so just let them go. They’ll be thrilled that an older man is talking to them and listening to them so well. Also be sure to offer to buy her a drink. Whether you’re at a coffee shop or a bar, no college student is going to turn down a free drink. If you want to sweep her off her feet in no time, buy her a drink and let her gab. You’ll have that first date within the night.

What to Expect

Dating college women doesn’t come without its downsides, sadly. Any student is sure to be swamped with work at any given time, so be prepared to handle that. She’s going to need your support and patience, and you have to be ready for her to flake out on you from time to time. Keep in mind that she’s still learning how to be an adult and to commit to things, and don’t let it get to you. Plan dates on the fly so that they work with her schedule, and don’t keep anything set in stone. Be open to change, and for long nights helping her study. She’ll make up for it in the bedroom, though, so don’t worry. College girls are a lot more energetic than any older woman you could find. You’ll have a harder time getting her off you than on you.


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