First Contact: Sending Her a Private Message

"Read her dating profile"

“Read her dating profile”

You only have one chance to make a first impression. Why mess things up with a hot woman just because you fell into one of the common first message problems? These dos and don’ts will let you send a successful message and get the woman of your dreams to message you back.


* Read her profile before you send her a message.
* Include something that proves that you’ve read her profile.
* Ask her about her interests or ask her for clarity in something she said in her profile.
* Be polite. This is the most obvious one of all, but not all guys actually follow it.
* Include a little bit about yourself, but not a novel. If she says that she’s been learning German as a fun second language and you happen to speak German, maybe include a couple German sentences saying that you wouldn’t mind helping her with her spoken or written grammar.
* Make the message interesting. Cover a variety of topics quickly, or focus on one for a more in-depth message. You should be sending out a message of at least 100 words, but no more than 300. Give her something to reply to.


"Don't send your nude pictures to her"

“Don’t send your nude pictures to her”

* Open with a dick pic. You’re very impressive, but that’s not the kind of thing a woman wants to see from a guy she doesn’t even know.
* Have a generic starter message. “Heyyyy” might seem relaxed and cool, but it doesn’t give her much to reply to or work with.
* Ask questions that only have a yes or no answer. For example, if her profile said that she just got back from two years living abroad don’t ask her if she had fun living in France. Ask her what she enjoyed most about living abroad as opposed to living here. Ask her to share her expertise and help you pick out a bottle of wine, if she’d be so kind. You want to get her talking. Answers that are only “yes” or “no” let her clam up easily. The more she talks to you, the longer you have to impress her and close the deal.
* Use a cheesy pick up line as your opening message. For one thing, she might not know if you were trying to be funny or if you really are lame. For another, there’s nothing memorable about that, and you want to stand out.
* Worry over your messages too much. It’s better to send a poor message than to never send a message at all.

These cover the major issues when it comes to first talking to a woman. These tips should make you aware of the areas where you mess up. Don’t stress about it; these are tips to make your future messages better. There’s no hard and fast rule of what women will respond to, so just keep these in mind as you compose future messages. With the right ice breaking message, you should be able to have a lot more chats and a lot more dates soon.


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