Friends with Benefits: Why She May Not Want a Relationship

One of the mistakesa lot of guys make is the assumption every woman they meet is looking for a steady relationship. This is a problem because when you make this assumption you start approaching women in the wrong way. You need to keep in mind while not all women want to have sex all the time, it does not mean they want to have a relationship either. This is when you can develop a very worthwhile friends-with-benefits (FWB) relationship with her. Of course, you may need to know the signs to look for: career, previous relationships and age. This will help you to know if it is possible to have a FWB relationship without ever having to go through the awkward stage of asking.

Know Her Career Status

“She might be serious about her career”

Women looking to advance in their career may not want a relationship to get in the way. This is because if they are tied down in a steady relationship, it could stop them from making a spur of the moment decision to move to another state, or another country to further the career. If she is serious about her career, and she has a good one to be serious about, a FWB relationship may just be perfect for her. You do not have to mention it as an option; just don’t mention anything about doing anything more than being physical and you should be good to go.

Get to Know Her Previous Relationships

Women getting out of long term relationships are looking to have a little fun in their lives. They have been through a relationship in which they might have feltsexually unsatisfiedin one way or another. This means she is going to want to sleep with a few different guys, not just you. Don’t be the one to get too attached and stop her from being with whoever she wants to be with. She will reward you by coming back to you again and again. After all, you are the guy she can turn to for sex without all of the extra time and effort of getting to know someone.

Her Age Is a Factor

“She might be interested in a FWB relationship”

Younger women are a lot more prone to have a FWB relationship. This is not only because of the career, but they may just not be in a space mentally where they feel comfortable settling down. A lot of women want to feel they have played the field and seen what is out there before even trying to settle down. If she likes hanging out with you, she will be willing to give the FWB relationship a shot. This may take a little discussion though. She needs to know you are not trying to anchor her or make her change her mind on relationships. In fact, you can commiserate and let her know you are just as opposed to relationships at the point in life you are at. This will make it possible for you to start a FWB relationship and start having some fun.


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