Going Bare: The Best Ways to Take a Nude Pic

"Avoid macro photography"

“Avoid macro photography”

Most men familiar with the world of Internet dating are aware that competition is generally pretty fierce. Online dating websites tend to have a much higher ratio of men than women. This means that for us, it’s important to step up our game. Depending on what exactly you’re looking to find through a dating website, there are a number of different tactics you can use to improve your chances. If you’re not all that interested in a relationship but you’d love to be able to score a one night hookup with a woman you meet online a good tactic to try is taking and sending nude pics.

This tactic doesn’t come without a little risk, however. Obviously, nude pics aren’t going to improve your case if you don’t have the greatest body. There are other things that can make or break your nude photos, too. Read on for our list of tricks on how to take an awesome nude photo.

No Selfies if You Can Help It

Extending your arm up as high as you can and taking a picture of your nude self is lazy. Also, it’s not going to present your body in the best light. If you’re going to take a nude pic for the ladies online, do it the right way. No, you don’t have to enlist the help of a fried. Just put your camera up on a tripod (or another suitable surface) and set the timer. It’s easy, and it will work more to your advantage than the standard selfie method.

Setting Is Important

You might not think the background of your photo is relevant, but it is. For example, sending a woman a picture of you naked in your bedroom with your young child toddling around on the floor behind you can send mixed messages. This is meant to be a sexy photo. Unsexy things in the background are going to ruin the message you are trying to send. Yes, that includes young children. It also includes garbage, unmade beds, unflushed toilets, and heaps of dirty laundry. When you’re taking a nude photo with the end goal of enticing sexy women, less is more in terms of the background of the picture.

Know Your Lighting

"No flashlight, just sunlight"

“No flashlight, just sunlight”

Knowing how to properly light your photos isn’t something you can learn in ten minutes. We’ll give you the crash course basics. Avoid using your camera’s flash, as it will make your eyes look weird and is basically harsh and unflattering no matter what pose you’re striking. Soft light is a much better option and can be created by using lamps that are either pointed at the wall or have been diffused by draping tissue paper over them. The best type of light is sunlight, but unless you live in a secluded rural area, posing for nude pics outdoors may not be a good idea.

Avoid close ups

And by this we mean, avoid holding the camera 2 inches from your genitals to take the photo. Trust us, she’s going to like the entire package more than just that particular close-up. If she requests a picture of your junk you can always provide one later.


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