How to Act When You’re at Her Place

“Be patient”

Getting invited back to her place is an accomplishment in and of itself. There are a lot of women out there who are more than willing to go home with a guy, but not to their place. It’s a trust thing – she’s willing to sleep with you, but not willing to let you see her living space for whatever reason. You’d be surprised how many women are shy about it.

Don’t betray her trust by acting like a pig when you’re at her place, whether you’re just there for a quick one-night standyou don’t anticipate seeing her again or if it’s what you hope is the start of a long string of casual hookups. If you want any chance of continuing to see this woman, knowing how to act when you’re at her place is crucial. All it really takes is common sense and basic manners, but you’d be surprised how many men seem to forget all of that when they’re at a woman’s place.

Personal Space Is Important

When this particular little insight is mentioned to a lot of men, their initial reaction is usually disbelief. After all, she’s invited you home for one purpose – to hook up. She wants you to show her a night she won’t soon forget, and that involves quite a bit of invading her personal space.

What we mean by this is that it’s important to remember that you don’t have the right to touch any of her things without her permission. Even if she goes to jump in the shower and you want to be ready, no rummaging around in the drawers of her dresser or her closet. Even if you want to get to know her better, don’t do it. It’s an invasion of personal spacethat’s going to turn her off.

Some guys trying to make a good impression go looking for condoms so they’re ready when she gets out of the shower, but it’s best not to bother. If you really want to impress her when she gets out of the shower, just be hard and waiting for her. She’ll know where she keeps the condoms and she’ll be ready to get right down to what you came for.

It’s Hers, Not Yours

“You should treat her place respectfully”

It’s easy to think that as soon as the main event is over, you’re entitled to any snacks and refreshments from the fridge. Don’t do it. The last thing a woman wants to see the man she brought home do is waltz into her kitchen and start eating her food and drinking her last bottle of beer. You probably know better than this, but just in case – ask her before you help yourself to anything. The same goes for the shower. You’d be surprised how many women are totally turned off when a man hops right in their shower after sex without asking, so don’t do it. If you play your cards right, she’ll invite you to take a showerwith her for round two soon enough.


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