How to Make a Woman Feel Special without Saying a Word

“Be a gentleman”

The secret to making any woman desire you, is to make her feel as special as possible. The more you can make a woman feel desired and special, the more she is willing to do just about anything you want to do. This is why you will need to master the art of turning her on without ever saying a word. This involves making sure you know what you are doing when you are around her, touching her the right ways and maintaining eye contact whenever possible. This will all show her just how special you think she is and it will encourage her to show you just what she wants to do with you.

Know What You Are Doing When You Are around Her

Women feel special when a man acts like a gentleman around her. Even if she is interested in only having a sexual relationship with you, it does not mean you don’t need to hold her door and treat her with respect outside of the sheets. Make sure you are displaying your confidence in your ability to act like a man and treat her like a lady. If you don’t appear as if you are feigning being a gentleman, she will respond. This may take some practice to get right so you are doing it effortlessly, so practice when you are alone.

Touch Her in the Right Ways

Whether you are touching her in a sexual way or you are just holding her hand, make sure you are doing it right. This is because you need to have a gentle touch with a woman. She likes to feel tender and know you respect the fact she is tender. Take her hand in yours and use a light touch when you lift her chin to kiss you. As you use soft touches, she will recognize the fact you respect her as a woman, and she will be turned on by this. Just make sure you are not moving too fast with your touch. You need to linger with every touch and make it seem as if it is hard for you to take your hands away from her.

Maintain Eye Contact Whenever Possible

“And make her feel special”

Always make sure you are talking directly to her. Maintain eye contact at all times, and let her know just how interested you are in everything she is doing or saying. As you are talking to her, make sure you are looking into her eyes and do the same when she is responding to you. This will allow you to show her she is not only interesting, but you want to see her all the time. Don’t be creepy with your looks. Looking is different from staring. Be engaging with the way you look at her and she will engage you back. If you show you are interested in the way you act, you will never have to say the words to show her just how much you are into her.


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