Look Good in Winter Clothes

For some reason wintertime seems to make it alright for people to start sporting their Grandma’s knitting line exclusively. Knotted wool hats, crooked scarves, and awkward mittens are never okay to wear, even if they seem functional. You are not a grandma’s boy; you are a classy guy who wears clothes that actually look good. Even if you’re not sure what that means, you’re going to have to do it to stand out from yarn-wrapped popsicles out there.


“A hat will make you look insanely hot”

Hats are ideal for keeping your head warm. They can also look good. To get the two worlds to meet, try wearing (store bought) beanies and wool caps. Avoid wearing anything that a family member or friend made you (unless they are actually good at making this shit), ear muffs, or anything with a pompom.


Leather is the cool-guy material that’s perfect for the cold weather. Jackets and shoes are the prime piece of clothing for leather. While it may technically work, leather pants look a little dated and can’t be layered as easily. When you’re buying a jacket or pair of shoes, you want to actually spend a decent amount of money on it and then take care of it. Water repellants are available in most stores that sell leather, and you want to make sure that you wipe off any extra water on the shoes/jacket. This will stop any salt lines from happening on your fancy new duds. Water and vinegar will also do the trick if you’ve forgotten to wipe down.


Vests can make an outfit warm enough while still looking fashionable. But we’re not talking the puffy kind that your mom made you wear as a kid. It’s not to say that snow jackets aren’t okay, but you have to know how to wear them. Chunkier sweaters go with puffier vests. Thinner sweaters go with thinner vests. If you’ve got something that’s really thin paired with a big sweater it’s only going to accent the difference in fabric and make you look awkward. Vice versa would make your body look awfully lumpy underneath the vest.


“Avoid giant sweaters and scarfs”

These are not just for ladies. A man can wear a scarf, as long as it has a team logo on it, is plain print, or is plaid. Those are really your only options. Of course, you can just throw it around your neck and give it a go. Or you can learn to tie it right. For maximum warmth you can fold the scarf in half, put it around your neck, and then pull the two ends through the hole. It stays close to your neck and keeps you warm. For longer scarves put it around your neck with one end a bit longer than the other. Then you can simply tie it like you would a regular knot using the long bit. Functional, warm, and definitely not made by an auntie.

The most important thing to remember about looking good in winter clothing is to avoid bulking up in giant sweaters or wearing dorky athletic gear. You will not look cool in your snowboarding gloves and helmet if you’re not on a snowboard. Even then, the chances are slim.


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