Online Dating Advice: How to Know When It’s Time to Meet Up For the First Time

"If you've had sex over the phone"

“If you’ve had sex over the phone”

Online dating is pretty simple in theory. You sign up at a dating website, fill out your profile, and search for available women while at the same time they’re searching for men. Once you’ve established communication with a woman who’s interested in you, you can start building a relationship depending on what you want. If it’s sex you’re not going to worry about all the regular emotional foundations. If you’re both looking for an actual relationship, however, you have to approach things differently. Either way, the end goal you want to achieve is to meet her in person. Because you’re operating online, however, it can be hard to know when she feels the time is right to do so. If you ask to quickly, she might back off. If you wait too long, she might think you’re losing interest. Pinpointing the right moment for a meet up can be difficult, but we’re to help you figure it out by explaining all the signs.

You’ve Shared Your Worst

"Shared your shameful secrets? It's the right time to meet in person"

“Shared your shameful secrets? It’s the right time to meet in person”

And by this we mean that you’ve both exposed all the parts of your past that could be considered deal breakers. She knows you’ve been married and you know she’s got a kid. She’s shared the fact that she was divorced and you’re okay with. You told her that you broke off an engagement to another woman and she doesn’t care. If you’ve both exposed your shameful secrets and it hasn’t made an impact on your desire to be together it’s a good indication that you’re ready to take things to the next level.

You’ve Been Intimate

That is, you’ve been intimate in all the ways you can. You’ve both seen each other naked through webcam and pictures. You’ve had sex over the phone. You’ve sexted. You’ve watched each other masturbate during video chat. You’ve become as comfortable with each other sexually as you possibly can, given the restrictions, and you’re both craving the real deal. If neither of you has shown any reservations or hesitations thus far in terms of intimacy, you can take move forward and work on being intimate in person at long last.

She Knows Your Quirks and Vice Versa

Obviously, not all habits and quirks are going to be noticeable through an online relationship. But if you’re prone to burping a lot after meals or snorting when you laugh, she’s likely going to be familiar with them by now. If she’s been exposed to some of your quirks and finds them endearing rather than off-putting she’s probably going to have no issue with you in real life.

If you’ve got a bad habit like smoking, you’ve probably already shared that information. Habits like leaving dirty dishes in the sink as long as possible or only cleaning the bathroom once a month are things she’ll discover (and have to deal with) after you’ve been together in person for a while. Other habits, like gambling or hitting the bottle too hard too often are things you divulge, even if you’re worried they’ll scare her away. If she’s aware of these issues but still seems interested, it’s time to work on scheduling a meet up.


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