Photoshopping Your Profile Pic: How Much Is Too Much?

With online dating on the rise, it’s important to have the best profile pic that you can to get women interested. When ladies are clicking through profiles at an alarming rate, a lot of them are just looking for an attractive man. While you might not be a perfect 10, that doesn’t mean she has to know it. Some simple Photoshop can take you that extra step from a solid eight to a 10 in no time at all.

What Tools to Use

“Use the spot healing brush tool in the Photoshop”

Photoshop can be overwhelming, and it has a ton of tools to choose from. Some of these tools and filters will make your picture look fake and unattractive, deterring women. Steer clear of most filters as they distort your image and will make women click out fast. Instead, opt for using items in the tool bar and editing the levels and hues in your image. Use the spot heal brush in the toolbar to take away any blemishes, adjust the hue and lighting levels in the “edit” tab to flatter your face, and use the clone stamp in the toolbar to remove any other things you don’t want in the image.

It takes a bit of fooling around with, but you can make yourself look totally flawless in Photoshop. Sometimes your pic will be just fine once you adjust the hues and levels, and you won’t even have to mess with anything in the toolbar.

When It’s Good

Your picture is good to go when your lighting looks natural and all blemishes are removed. The key is for you to look as natural as possible, so don’t worry about looking too good to be true. Women are looking for an attractive guy, but not an Adonis. They want a real man, not a supermodel. Keep your facial hair and just fix your hairline if it needs editing. Use the clone stamp to make your face look thin and angular so that it’s more striking upon first glance. If you want to, edit your eyes just a bit to make them stand out more. Women go nuts over a guy with great eyes.

When It’s Too Much

“When your picture looks unnatural”

If you’ve used filters on your image, then chances are it’s already too much. Pay attention to the hue of your picture. If it looks unnatural, then women are going to be turned off. Pictures that look like they were taking in a darkroom are also a no-go. Women want to be able to get a good look at you and to not have to do any guesswork, so save them the trouble. And while you can use the clone stamp to give yourself a better hairline and a thinner face, don’t use it to give yourself muscles. Adding in muscles with the clone stamp looks fake every time, unless you’re a professional, so just don’t do it. She’ll see right through you and you won’t be getting any messages. Keep it simple, keep it natural, and keep it you. Just make it the best version of you that you can.


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