Pickup Lines That Really Work

“Your dress is sexy”

Pickup lines originated from somewhere right? They’re really just the right combinations of the right words to say to a woman. Once you’ve got the magic combo then bam, you’re neck-deep in a conversationwith the hottie of your choice. Unfortunately for pickup lines, they’ve been slandered by such monsters as, “Are your parents drug dealers? Because you’ve got some great crack.” However, there are still some gems out there that will actually help you out. The key to a good pickup line is to not make it a line. It’s all got to be about confidence, compliments, and cunning.

“Your eyes are so beautiful, are those contact lenses?”

“Your eyes are so beautiful and attractive”

This works because you’re noticing a feature about her that is very personal and women love to hear. They really love to be complimented on their eyes because it’s a cheesy thing they do in romance movies, and who doesn’t want to be in one of those, right? Sarcasm, fellas, sarcasm. But the whole point is she’ll like it.

“I didn’t want to tell you this, but they might ask you to leave soon…”

“…because you’re making all the other girls look bad.” At first you’ll probably freak her out a bit, but then once you get to the punch line she’ll be confusedly relieved. Follow up with an offer to buy her a drink while you’ve still got the chance, and she’ll find you funny and smooth.

“I have those exact same (blank)!”

When you’ve spotted a lady you want to get to know, notice something about her outfit. The more detailed or girlie, the better. Approach her and say, very enthusiastically (but not in a gay way), that you have those exact same (blank). It could be shoes, a handbag, or a dress. She’ll get a laugh out of it and you’ll have a way to entertain her for a moment. Describe why you like them or how they make you feel sexy.

“Have we met?”

This is so simple but works really well. At first she won’t know that you’re joking and feel bad for not remembering you, but special at the same time because you can remember her. Of course, you don’t go on lying. Instead just smirk to let her know that you’re joking and continue the conversation in the slickest manner you can.

“How much does a polar bear weigh?”

“Enough to break the ice.” This is ridiculously cheesy and she may have heard it before, but it’s really funny and will most likely make her laugh (especially if she has some booze in her). It doesn’t take a lot of angle to make it work, just a smile and a good sense of comedic timing.

When it comes to pickup lines, really you’re just aiming to be fun, not to get laid. The right timing and attitude is all that it takes to use one of these, because, hey, what’s the worst that can happen? You get shot down and move on to the next one.


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