Pros and Cons of Dating a Pregnant Woman

“She may not be able to try different sex positions”

If you have always considered yourself the type of person to be open in the type of women you date, dating a pregnant woman could be a good move for you. There are many perks that come along with dating pregnant women, but there are also a few drawbacks.

More often that not, single pregnant women find themselves bored and lonely because many guys are not attracted to them. This means that if you are willing to date pregnant women, you may be able to date several of them. But before you start using your best pickup lines on available soon-to-be mothers, there are a few things you want to keep in mind when it comes to pregnant women.

No-Stress Sex

“Have safe sex – No need to use condoms”

Probably the best thing about dating a pregnant woman is that you do not have to worry about getting her pregnant. Another great thing about dating pregnant women is that you can have sex without protection, as long as you are certain that neither of you have STDs. If you decide to take advantage of this perk, we recommend that you both get tested and wait for your results before you start having unprotected sex.

In addition to unprotected sex is the fact that because of the changes going on with their bodies, many pregnant women are usually extremely wet. You never have to worry about searching for any lube or anything like that with pregnant women. They are always ready to go. You also never have to worry about pulling out because once again, she cannot get pregnant.

Is It Worth the Trouble?

While sex with pregnant women definitely has its positives, we cannot forget about the negatives as well. Pregnant women have insane hormones, and you never really have any clue how stable they are. One minute they can be all over you, begging for sex. The next minute they’re crying and throwing things at you. You literally have no idea when the mood swings will hit and it can be annoying.

Another drawback that comes along with having sex with pregnant women is that she may not be able to have sex in many different positions. You want her to be comfortable and free from pain, so depending on how big she is, your only positions may be doggy style and her on top. Obviously, we’re not complaining about these positions, but if you’re the type who likes to experiment with different sex positions, you may end up getting bored fairly quickly.

The last and most obvious negative of dating pregnant women is that the fact that she has a child growing inside of you may end up turning you off. For some men, having sex with a pregnant woman in the beginning is okay, but once she starts getting bigger and you can actually see or feel her baby moving inside of her, it can become unappealing.

All the same, pregnant women still like to have sex, and if you find one who is single and you’re okay with her being pregnant, we say go for it. For most of us who date pregnant women, the pros outweigh the cons almost always.


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