Putting Yourself First:Why Personal Grooming Will Attract a Woman

There isn’t a single person in the world that wants to put their mouth on anything hairy. This includes nuts, pubes, abs, back, nose, ear, or any other body part, for that matter. You aren’t going to touch any of those things though, right? Well why not be more considerate to the ladies. They have to be around your hairy ass and deal with it getting in their mouth, not you. Guys don’t have hair like girls do. Ladies have soft hair, even when it’s grown out after the stubble phase. When guys let their hair grow out, it turns into a long, stringy bush that she really isn’t going to appreciate getting in her mouth. That’s why it’s important for you to trim up your hair. Women aren’t going to want to get at you if they have to worry about braiding your body hair.

Where to Trim


“Tweeze your unwanted nose hair”

Luckily this isn’t something you have to start worrying about until a little later in your life. Eventually you’re going to notice that you have little tufts of fur growing out of you. While they may be bristly and cool to touch, they aren’t attractive. Get yourself one of those little tubular trimmers and stick it into whatever little holethey’re coming out of. It’s a hell of a lot easier than plucking them out.

Upper body:

“Shave your chest”

It’s all right to have a little bit of hair here. Some chest hair or a happy trail is fine, but if you’re rocking shoulder pads and a six pack of fur, then you need to break out the wax. Don’t have any wax around? That’s fine, it’s actually a lot better if you go to a salon and have someone else do it. They know what to do and will make sure you only lose hair, not blood. If you have the balls to do it yourself, then feel free to buy an at-home kit. But what about your shoulder pads and back hair? You can’t reach it, and you sure as hell shouldn’t trust your buddies with the stuff. Wax can make you bleed, you know.

Lower body:

You know what we’re talking about here, and it’s not your legs. Hairy legs on a guyare standard. Keeping your crotch free from the jungle is important. Not only does a woman not want to be flossing when she’s going downtown, it’s going to keep scents locked in too. Even if you aren’t being considerate to her, with this sort of hair going on, your dick is going to look smaller too. Taming that bush will be good for everyone. Below that you just need to trim up the ball sack.


We already have gross feet and weird toenails, so let’s keep the hair at bay. This one you can do in your shower just by getting a razor and shave it off. It’s the little things that count and your new prospect will definitely appreciate the effort.


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