Sex on the First Date: How to Read Her Subtle Cues

Sex on the first date can be elusive, particularly if you’ve only been communicating through phone and Internet prior to this point. If you’ve done your job and given her a great first impression in terms of behaviour and appearance she just might be interested in getting between the sheets with you. Unless she’s very vocal, though, it can be hard to tell. Women often give off subtle cues that indicate they’re ready to take it to the next level. If you’re not aware of what to look for though these cues can be easy to miss. Familiarizing yourself with the most common signs can help you tell whether or not she wants to get naked with you at the end of the night.


"Is she touching your hand while talking to you?"

“Is she touching your hand while talking to you?”

Touch is one of the most obvious indicators that a woman is attracted to you sexually. However, not all women are given to hanging off men when they want to get some. If your date is of a more reserved nature it can be difficult to tell the kind of touch that translates into a yearning for sex from a friendly, companionable touch.

If a woman is frequently touching you throughout the course of a night in a number of different ways, it’s a good indicator that she wants you. For example, before dinner while you’re sitting at the bar, she may casually graze her foot or leg against yours more than once. While you’re eating, if she touches your arm or sits close enough to you to touch it’s also a good indication.


Obviously, if a woman has taken pains to sit apart from you and never makes the effort to get closer she’s not that into what you’re offering. A blatant sexual offer will have her sitting as close to you as possible and hanging off you or running her hands over your body in not-so-discreet ways. A subtler woman will still be in your space. However, she won’t grope you or demand your attention through touch. She will be sitting close enough to you that you’re grazing each other constantly when you move. She’ll lean in close to hear what you say and create an intimate atmosphere by her proximity. If she’s close to you and actively interested in what you’re saying while emphasizing her own words with touch, it’s a good bet she’s up for a naughty rendezvous later on.


"Pay more attention to her voice"

“Pay more attention to her voice”

Our voices change when we’re aroused, becoming huskier and softer. One of the easy-to-miss indications of arousal in women are the changes in their voice. The more and more attracted to you she becomes, the more her voice will gradually change. If she’s developed a sexy-as-hell low, throaty voice as the evening wears on, it’s a good sign that she’s already thinking about you naked.


Eye contact can be easy to confuse sometimes. Some people maintain eye contact for extended periods of time because they are direct in personality. Other people have difficult keeping eye contact because it makes them uncomfortable. In women, frequent, coy glances at you are a good indicator of attraction. Everyone’s pupils dilate when we’re aroused, so that’s another good sign that she’s ready for action that you should look for.


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