She Dated Your Friend: Can You Date Her Too?

“She needs some ‘ME’ time”

One of the toughest things to consider in any friendship is whether it is okay to date a woman your friend has dated, assuming she would want to date you to begin with. If you know she is interested, there are a few factors to consider before you can go on a date. While your friend is a consideration in all of this, it is really all about making sure she is comfortable with the situation. This is why you should consider how long it has been, how things ended and what kind of relationship you intend to have with one another. This will all help you to decide whether you are good to go to date her. Of course, it would not hurt to let your friend know about your intentions as well.

How Long Ago the Relationship Ended

“You should give her some time and space”

If your friend just ended things with the girl, it may not be the right time to consider starting anything with his ex. Not only will this enrage your friend, but it could end up making her feel devalued. No woman wants to feel as if she is the kind of girl to just jump from guy to guy. You should give it at least a month. This will give some time to heal the wound of the separation and may even let your friend start to move on. She will not have to deal with jealousy and you can concentrate your attention on her.

How Things Ended

If the relationship between your friend and the girl ended badly, you may not be able to get together with her at all. If you do, you will have to make it clear it can be nothing but a sexual relationship your friend knows nothing about. After all, you do not want to run the risk that she is only getting together with you to rub it in his face. Secrecy is not what you are after here – it is about making sure her intention is to be with you rather than just trying to hurt your friend. If she is willing to be physical with you in secret, she really does want you.

What Kind of Relationship You Intend to Have

The last thing to consider is what kind of relationship you actually intend to have with her. If all you are planning to do is have sex with her, you will be good to go to have a one night stand. If you are thinking about having a full-blown relationship with her, you will need to play it on the safe side. Make sure you are talking it out with your friend as well as talking it out with her. As long as everyone is fine with you and her proceeding to get together, you are going to be just fine. She will appreciate that you have taken the time to pay due diligence to the relationship and your friend will appreciate you did not trample his feelings. This will leave you to do what you want to do.


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