Should You Shave

Now that No Shave November is finally over, you may be wondering if you should shave off another part of your body that tends to grow hair just as quickly as your face. More importantly, you may be questioning what affect trimming or shaving may have on any potential hookups. Depending on the type of women you date, shaving can work out in your favor. Before you decide to shave, you should take into consideration the type of women you date. You also need to think about the type of lifestyle you have and if shaving would benefit you.

What’s Your Type?

“Bohemian Women – They don’t like a man who is hairless”

If you don’t have a specific type of woman that you’re interested in, shaving can be great for you. The only real setback you will have is that you may run into a few women who are turned on by your lack of hair. However, the advantage is that more women may be willing to go down on you.

The types of woman you need to look out for if you decide to shave are hipsters and Bohemian type women, who believe that going au natural is best. We have found that these types of women have no interest in hooking up with a man who is hairless beneath the belt. Besides hipsters and Bohemian ladies, we haven’t really run into women who do not appreciate a shaved package, except for the occasional MILF.

Can You Manage

“Make sure you use a quality razor”

Shaving is not difficult and it doesn’t take up much time, but it can be annoying to deal with when you have a busy lifestyle. If you are a person who is always on the go, you may have a hard time finding the right time to shave. Not to mention that cleaning hair out of the bathtub or sink is sometimes way more trouble than it’s worth.

Another issue that comes with shaving is the itching. Sometimes it seems like no matter what type of creams or soothing gels you use to control it, the itching never stops. This is not really something you want to deal with, especially if you are enjoying a bachelor’s lifestyle. The last thing you want is for woman to catch you scratching. Even if you explained to her that you shaved, she may end up thinking that you have some type of STD.

If you have sensitive skin then shaving may definitely be something that you avoid. There are few things worse than rashes and itchy skin on that part of your body. While you do have some alternatives such as waxing and hair removal creams, these also have the downsides. Waxing hurts and hair removal creams can burn if you don’t follow the directions carefully. You might even end up being allergic to them.

Deciding whether or not to shave is up to you, but we’ve found that most women don’t care one way or another. If you do decide to shave, make sure you take some time to research different razors and shaving gels or creams that will be beneficial to you. Remember, you want to make the entire process as comfortable as possible.


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