The Wrong Way to Sext

Sexting might seem like the answer to a long distance or online relationship. How can it be any easier (aside from the real deal, of course)? Because it’s so easy it might seem like there’s not much to know. Trust us, though, you’re going to want to approach sexting with a certain amount of caution. There is a wrong way to do it, and to help you avoid doing it the wrong way we put together a list of things you shouldn’t do when sexting women.

Don’t Sext Right Away

"Build up the moment"

“Build up the moment”

It can be tempting to jump right into sexting once a woman’s given you her number. It’s sexy to send her a detailed description of your naughty thoughts (or actions) while she’s at work or you’re at work or you’re both out in public somewhere. But if you don’t really know the woman it can be risky to sext her right away. She might be put off by your aggressiveness. She might show off your sexts to her friends. We recommend you wait for her response. Once you know she’s okay with it you can send her dirty texts to your heart’s content.

Don’t Show Your Face

Sexy images are a normal part of sexting. When you’re both hot and bothered it’s only natural to want to see images of the relevant naughty bits. However, it’s not a good idea to send a picture of you holding your dick when your face is clear and viewable. Think of it as a way to cover your ass if things go south. In that event, if she’s a vindictive woman, your naked self might wind up online in places you never wanted it to go. If you keep your face out of the image, it increases your deniable plausibility.

Privacy Isn’t Assured

Mobile phones are frequently stolen. Women also have a habit of sharing things with their closest friends. Keep this in mind when you’re sexting. We’re not saying it’s going to happen, but there’s always the chance that those very intimate, very steamy texts your sending won’t only be seen by the woman you’re interested in. For that reason, leave the really kinky stuff for face-to-face play. Her friends don’t need to know that you want her to spank you and tell you to lick her boots, and they certainly don’t need to read it in a sext you sent her.

Be Discreet

"Don't share her nude pictures with your friends"

“Don’t share her nude pictures with your friends”

It might be tempting to share the hot texts she sends you with your friends. It’s natural after all to want to share the knowledge of the hot woman you’re involved with your buddies. Keep in mind that sharing sexts with people outside the relationship can have very negative impacts. You don’t want your friends harassing her because she sent you a nude photo. And you certainly don’t want them parroting back all the naughty things she might have texted to you. In order to keep your relationship from derailing, keep the intimate things that she text, to yourself.


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