Three Easy Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life

All romances have a honeymoonperiod, which means that all relationships stagnate. In a world of happy couples, it’s easy to feel left out if you’re going through a rough patch. If that’s the case, an easy fix is to spice up your sex life. Over half of all relationships that fail did so because of the quality of the sex. Don’t let your romance die that easily – these three simple fixes will please any woman in the bedroom.


“A nice vibrator or dildo gives her extra sexual pleasure”

If you haven’t used any toys on her in bed, then you’re missing out. These little babies pack a punch between the sheets, and she’ll be squirming under you in no time. A lot of men consider it an insult to their sexual prowess, but that isn’t it at all. Sex toys are designed to stimulate those hard-to-reach places that you might not be hitting or playing with while you’re going at her. Speaking of which, if you find it hard to play with her clit during sex, which might be the issue right there. Buy her a clit massager to use while you’re screwing and watch her pleasure heighten instantly. For foreplay, pick up a nice vibrator or dildo to get her good and wet before you even get inside her. Women love extensive foreplay, and this is just the thing to keep her wanting more.

Different Positions

Just like you wouldn’t want to eat the same thing for dinner every night, she doesn’t want to have sex in the same position every time. Women are fickle and get bored easily, so it’s important to have an arsenal of positions up your sleeve to pull out when things get dull. Try having her ride you – it gets you deeper and lets her be in control. You can also opt to switch up the missionary position by lifting her legs up over your shoulders or holding her thighs back. This spreads her wider and heightens her sensitivity. To get really down and dirty with her, have her try out doggy style. This position might seem filthy to you, but the majority of women dream of this erotic and comfortable position. Find what works best for you two.


“Paint her body with some chocolate sauce”

Bringing your dessert into the bedroom could be the best idea you’ve ever had. Your foreplay will have never been such a huge turn-on for her when you start licking whipped cream off all her most sensitive areas. Using food items can also make oral sexmuch easier and more pleasurable for you and your girlfriend to perform. If you’ve been avoiding going down on her because you don’t like the taste, or you suspect that she’s been doing the same to you, dribble some chocolate sauce or whipped cream down there. Make a whole night out of it when you do use food. Light candles, have a variety of food to play around with, and take your time with her. Being so attentive will rekindle your flame faster than you can even imagine.


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