Writing Racy Messages to Her

“Sending her a sexy message is the best way to drive her crazy” Women respond well to the written word. Lots of women read romance novelsand it seems like they’re always swooning over the racy things the men in there say. Why not make her dreams come true and send her some steamy messages? Sexting is one thing, but it seems like 160 characters just isn’t enough to really get out what you want to say. For the length you need, shooting her a steamy e-mail is a great idea. If you’ve been staying together and you’ll see her before she leaves for work in the morning, slipping a hand-written message about your desires will be a wonderful surprise for her later in the day. Think of a sexier version of the lunchbox messages you had when you were a kid. It’s a great way to keep her thinking about you even when you aren’t together. If she checks her e-mail during her lunch break and sees a sexy message, she’s going to have you on her mind for the rest of the day. The same goes for a handwritten message she reaches into her pocket and finds in the middle of a meeting. She’ll be so turned on by…

Why You Should Sext Her

“Sexting – It is for every age” Sexting seems like such a juvenile thing to do – come on, isn’t it just for horny teenagers? Honestly, though, sexting is becoming a common practice for people in all walks of life and isn’t any more immature than sending her off to work with a dirty message in her lunch. In fact, it’s way more effective because you two can keep the conversation going easily. Combine a good sexting session with some illicit photos for her to view in private and you’ll have some great sex waiting for you when you get home. Let Her Know She’s on Your Mind “Text her even when you are busy” Sending her a dirty little text during the day (even while she’s at work) tells her that you just can’t stop thinking about her. If you’re at work, it says that you’ve been so hung up on her that you had to risk getting caught to send her a horny message. If you can sneak away to the bathroom during a break and get a good dick pic for her, then it’ll be even better. Keep the conversation up all day and make her feel specialbecause you’re putting so much at risk. Just don’t get…

Where to Leave Marks and Why

Hickeys on her neck are old news and won’t have the same effect they did in the past. Neck hickeys are all good for horny teenagers, but for adults it’s time to step up your game. Leave your girlfriend with marks that really let her know she’s yours and that you can’t get enough of her, because marks on her neck are just tacky and hard to cover up. For the working woman, this just won’t work. Give her something to think about all day without ruining her reputation, and leave her with the souvenirs all men love giving. Chest “Give her a hickey on her chest” You’ve got to be careful with this one, because the mark has to be low enough to be concealed with a dress shirt or blazer. The key is to make it invisible to everyone, but knowing it’s there will have her burning with lust all day. A mark on her chest tells her that you aren’t done with her and have plans for her after work, which will give her something to ponder on. Couple this mark with some sexting and have her squirming in her seat all day. A hickey on her chest is incredibly sensual, and every time she looks down…

When a Free Trial on a Site Is Worth It

“Find out if a dating site is worth your time” When you’re looking for a dating or casual hookup site, the last thing you want to do is waste your time or, even worse, waste your money. Because most of the worthwhile dating sites cost money, they’ll give you the opportunity to try it for a set period of time (sometimes a week, usually a month) to see if you like it. It’s through the use of these free trials that they get their users to stay – because they’ve had so much success on the site so far, they’ll want to keep using it to get the full features. Sometimes you need to pay to play! Finding the hottest women your city has to offer is well worth the price of a membership. The last thing you want to do, though, is give a dating site your credit card information and have money you didn’t want to spend go into funding its scam. Pay attention to the site and find out if the free trial is even worth your time. Judge a Book by Its Cover You can usually tell if a dating or hookup site is worth your time just from how it looks. A site that looks…

What to Do When She’s Messy

“She needs some help to clear this mess” If you’ve ever had the displeasure of hooking up with a woman only to discover that she lives like a complete slob, you might find yourself a lot less turned on than you were before you got there. When we say messy, we don’t mean someone having a sink full of dirty dishes. What we mean is complete and utter chaos throughout the entire house, which sends even the most open-minded man running away. Though it’s hardly ever talked about, women can definitely be extremely messy. We’re not even going to put it lightly. Women can be complete slobs, and their filthy homes can be a huge turnoff, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t date a messy woman. All you really need to do is trick her into cleaning before you get there. Make Her Miss Out “Invite her to your place and show her how clean it is” One of the best ways to trick a woman into cleaning is by mentioning how you wanted to do something special at her place, but decided not to because you thought it would be an inconvenience to her. You want to make sure when you tell her this, you seem extremely sincere…

What to Do When Her Body Hair Is a Turnoff?

We’ve all had one, a beautiful woman with a perfect body. You get her to your house and undress her to reveal the jungle between her legs, or worse, underneath her arms or all over her legs. Sure, we get that some women prefer not to shave. We also understand that some men are perfectly happy sleeping with a woman covered in body hair. That’s great for them. However, for the rest of us who prefer our women to be soft and silky, there are a few things you can do to try to deal with a woman who has body hair. In some cases, you may even be able to convince her to get rid of it. Drop Subtle Hints “Don’t mention anything about her being hairy down there” One of the easiest ways to tell her that you don’t like her body hair without actually telling her that you don’t like it is to drop a few subtle clues. The first clue can be always having sex with the lights off. Eventually she will want to know why you never have sexwith the lights on. You do not want to tell her why at this point. You will want that to come later on if it gets that…

Turn a No into a Yes: How to Convince Her to Have Sex with You

“Make her feel comfortable in your arms” One of the main goals for guys on a dating site is to have sexwith a hot girl. Meeting the girls is the easy part. Everything is done for you to make sure you can select only the girls you are most interested in as well as making sure they are all within your local area. The tough part is figuring out how to make sure you will have sex when you actually get together. If you have been told no by a woman you are interested in having sex with, it is not the end of the night. You can still turn that no into a yes using some special tactics. Make sure you seem uninterested in the sex after she says no, control the conversation and put yourself in the best positionto be desired by her. Seem Uninterested in Sex The first thing to do is to act as if the rejection did not bother you one bit. Make sure she thinks you are just fine with the fact she said no. This shows you are not desperate and it puts you in a better position later on. Desperate guys will get mad and be ready to end the date right…

Three Surprising Spots to Focus On During Foreplay

If you feel like your foreplay is falling a little flat these days, then she’s probably been feeling the same way. Bring that spark back by throwing in a few new tricks, because doing the same thing every time gets boring. Even if you’re adventurous and will eagerly go down on her, she’ll be thankful for the change of pace. Women are difficult to arouse as it is, and you don’t want to get started without being sure she’s into it, too. Try paying attention to these three unassuming spots during foreplay and watch your activity change instantly from dull to dynamic. Neck “Increase her sex drive by kissing her neck” While you might leave a few marks here and there on her neck, chances are you aren’t paying it the attention it deserves. A woman’s neckis one of the lesser-known erogenous zones, and stimulating it will get her going in no time flat. Get on her and kiss her neck, bite every once in a while, and then soothe the bites with your tongue. Once you’ve done that for a while, pull back just a bit to breathe over all the marks. The chill will give her shivers that run all the way down to her clit, and she’s…

Three Subtle Ways to Give Her Your Number

“Try to add your phone number into her phone book” When you’re trying to hook up, the hardest thing to do is giving any woman your number. Not only is it mortifying for you, but also a lot of women think it’s presumptuous to go around handing out your number. In this day and age, you’re more likely to get a woman who either halfheartedly accepts to be polite or one that outright turns you down. So, instead of being upfront about it, you need to come up with a more clever approach. These three subtle ways of giving out your digits will work every time. “I Lost My Phone” “Can I use your phone?” People are generally more than willing to help out a person in need, especially when their cell phone has gone missing. Even if the thing is sitting safe and sound in your pocket, act like it’s nowhere to be found. If you’ve been chatting up a gorgeous woman, ask her politely if she’d call your phone so you can find it. She’ll most likely agree, and then you get an excuseto give her your number without forcing her to add it into her phone book. It’s just a nice little resource for her to have…


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