How to Avoid Scams

We’ve already taught you how to spot scams on fling dating sites. Now, you need to learn how to avoid those same scams so you don’t wind up losing all of your hard-earned money.

Avoiding scams isn’t as easy as you might think.

Unfortunately, for every way that people figure out to avoid scams, scammers come up with another one. This is understandable; in many ways, they’re at the forefront of technology, and they’re constantly innovating their cons to try and trick honest people.

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There are three levels at which a scammer can get you. You need to be aware of what you’re going to find at each of these levels. This will help you realize what is happening to your information, and when it’s all right to give it out (and when you should keep it close to your vest).

The first level of scamming is crooks getting information from the site you’re using.

This is what happens when you put your information in autofill. Autofill is that way that your computer “remembers” you. You might recognize it as a really easy way to make sure you don’t have to remember or type your address or password on a hundred different sites.

Unfortunately, a lot of criminals are all about using autofill to try and get your information to steal your identity. By using it, you’re making all of that autofill data available to any criminal who knows how to get it.

This is made worse by the fact that people who use autofill generally tend to have the same usernames and passwords for just about everything. In other words, if a criminal steals your autofill data, they can gain access to just about every site you’ve ever become a member at with that same information you gave out.

The second level of scamming is the site itself scamming you.

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Most bad dating sites are just clones. As such, they’re usually pretty harmlessly bad. They just don’t hook you up with any women, but they’re not exactly out to get your information. They don’t care what you do or how much time you spend on the site, as long as you’re paying for at least one month.

With some sites, this isn’t true. This is called the credit card grab, and it’s a very real issue that a lot of people have encountered when they’re looking for a fling dating site that is legit.

A scammy site will ask for your credit card information. Some scams will actually sell this information to a third party, but this behavior is unusual. What this site will do instead is keep it, and charge it.

Then, a few months later, they’ll charge it again.

They’ll keep repeating this, adding you to a billing cycle without your prior consent, because you agreed to pay for a single month and there was a tiny thing in the terms & conditions that you had to keep paying unless you made sure to cancel.

Unfortunately, they’ll make you jump through hoops when you want to get your account canceled. Some bad sites that run fling dating site scams even make you send your cancellation request hand-written through the mail. They know that many people will forget to do it, and they will get to keep getting that credit card charge every month.

The third level of scamming is the users on the site scamming you.

Yes, we’re talking about the women.

If a woman on a fling dating site wants to meet up with you right away, she’s probably a scammer or a prostitute. This is not usual behavior, even for the types of women who hang out on sites like this.

Women are on fling dating sites because they want to have a great experience. They want to feel wild, but they want to be cautious, too. Otherwise, they’d go home with some random dude they meet in a bar. They’re on fling dating sites because it gives them the power to decide exactly who they hook up with and when.

If a woman is totally into giving you her personal info right away, it’s probably a scam. If a woman is desperate to meet after one single email, it’s definitely a scam (or something else you don’t want to deal with).

Lastly, if she asks you to send her any money through Western Union or any other way, it’s definitely a scam. You don’t ever want to find yourself sending out money to someone on the Internet, especially someone you met on a fling dating site.

Fling sites can be great, but you have to make sure you’re protected. Otherwise, you’re fair and easy game.


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