Why JustHookup.com Didn’t Make Our Top 5

This is another site that we found to be just hilariously bad. It tries so, so hard to make it seem like it has a ton of members, but seriously? When it rotates through the same six profiles on the front page, we have some very big doubts about JustHookup.com. This site is obviously a scam. Ultimately, we can write this site off right from the get-go – or at least, we normally would, but for the sake of our JustHookup review, we kept going against our better judgment. This site is so obviously fake that it’s just enough to make us cringe. How many times have we seen those fake profile pics before, exactly? This site follows a model that many scam dating sites do, and that’s the whole “bait and switch” idea. They show you profile pics of people that are supposedly in your area, but in actuality, there’s no one near you that’s on this site at all. This is how they get more people to join… but if those people have brains, they definitely don’t stick around, considering how awful JustHookup.com really is. Our Results of Using JustHookup.com to Find Flings We actually spent six months on this site, which is a pretty long time considering…

Why LetsBang.com Didn’t Make Our Top 5

How exciting. More fake, stolen pictures of girls in various sexual positions, with tanlined boobs and spread legs. That’s exactly what we wanted, LetsBang.com. Thank you! These sites will never learn. And that’s why we just have to bury our face into our hands at times. Sites like LetsBang.com immediately make it difficult to bring actual female members onto their website because they only advertise and reach out to men. We can’t imagine a single woman that signed onto this site would stick around more than two seconds because of how the front page alone looks. Posting lots of pictures (fake pics, we might add) of naked women is just going to annoy the ladies that come to these sites. Real women who want to have flings are fun, but they’re also classy. You get the goods when you meet up with them, not when you look at their online pics. Unfortunately, our LetsBang review made it obvious that the administrators of this site don’t know anything about that sort of thing. Our Results of Using LetsBang.com to Find Flings We take our sweet time reviewing these kinds of sites, and LetsBang.com was no different. Our LetsBang review actually lasted for six months, and no matter how much we wanted…

Why iHookup.com Didn’t Make Our Top 5

It’s actually hilarious to think that a dating site has any real science behind it. iHookup.com isn’t the first site to claim this sort of thing, but seriously: when it comes to flings, it’s all about chemistry, and it isn’t the kind that you brew up in a beaker in college. This site is nothing but lies. Lies piss us off. They make us realize very quickly how much crap a site is full of, and iHookup.com is full of a lot of it. It makes us want to pull out our hair at least ten times over, and that’s because this site takes itself so seriously that we just have to groan. During the extent of our iHookup review, we really came to realize that this site is just more ridiculous the more you did. It also, hilariously, is quite inactive and empty, which means that it’s just preaching to an empty room. We’re not sure if there’s anything more pathetic than that… unless you count the poor saps that are on this website still, assuming that it’s eventually going to work for them. This whole place is depressing, and we couldn’t wait to get out and be done with it. Our Results of Using iHookup.com to Find Flings…

Why HornyMatches.com Didn’t Make Our Top 5

While we’re all horny guys here, we have to be honest: nothing turns us off more than a site that just plasters boobs and ass all over the front of their site. HornyMatches.com does that, but they do it even worse, because all the pics are fake and stolen. There’s nothing appealing about fake profiles. That seems to be the buzz word with these reviews lately, but it’s a common thing that you see more and more often on dating sites today. Fake profiles are a dating website’s way to try and overcome their shortcomings. By padding their site with fakes, it makes them seem like they have a lot more ladies around than they actually do. In the case of HornyMatches.com, they just don’t do a very good job of it at all. They keep repeating the same profile pics over and over, and most of the profiles are quite empty. That made us laugh for the most part, but then we remembered we had to complete our HornyMatches review, and we all just kind of sighed and put our heads down, resigning ourselves to our sorry, sorry fate. Our Results of Using HornyMatches.com to Find Flings We spent a total of six months doing our HornyMatches review, and…

Why AmateurMatch.com Didn’t Make Our Top 5

AmateurMatch.com immediately makes us think of some weird porno with “amateur” girls. You know the type, or at least you’ve heard of it in passing, and honestly, it isn’t the kind of thing that we want to think about when we’re out looking for a fling. We want to get laid, not watch porn. Porn’s great and all, but we’re actually pretty classy dudes. That’s why we want flings with like-minded women, not hookers. This site kind of has the hooker vibe, especially when you’re flipping through profiles and realizing that they mostly seem to be cam girls. We just didn’t get a good vibe from AmateurMatch.com’s community. It became increasingly clear during the extent of our AmateurMatch review that it just wasn’t a good environment overall, and that made us pretty nervous the whole time we were here. We stuck with it for better or for worse, however, because results are our middle names. Our Results of Using AmateurMatch.com to Find Flings We spent six months on this site during our AmateurMatch review. Our stay here made it increasingly obvious how important it is to really gather numbers before you make judgments on a site. We always want the most authentic reports to give you, and that’s why we…

Why OnlineBootyCall.com Didn’t Make Our Top 5

We tried to put the horrible name aside, we promise. It’s not like OnlineBootyCall.com can help that it has the worst name for a fling site that we’ve ever heard of… except that it definitely can, because dear god, who thought of this crap? A bad name can really put people off. We honestly think that this happened quite a bit on this site, but honestly, OnlineBootyCall.com is also just plain awful. We were in stitches reading a lot of the Engrish that’s plastered all over this site, because seriously, if you can’t laugh at this site, you’ll probably end up crying. From the OnlineBootyCall commandments to the fact that this site is honestly barren of all intelligent lifeforms (unless you count spambots – we try not to), this is really not the kind of place we want to spend a Friday night. Unfortunately, at the pace that this site moves, there’s not really much of a chance of success – or so we found out during our OnlineBootyCall review. Our Results of Using OnlineBootyCall.com to Find Flings We spent a ton of time on these sites, reviewing them and researching them to make sure that we have all of our facts straight before delivering it to you. In the…

Why xPersonals.com Didn’t Make Our Top 5

The moment we hopped onto this site, we knew it was going to be a problem. Just one glance is all it takes with us, and with sites like xPersonals.com, they are, for better or for worse, giant, glaring problems that stare us in the face. This site is nothing but fakes. Whenever a site advertises a lot of profiles on the front page, it’s usually an indicator that these are fake, rotated profiles that they have up just to try and convince people to join. That’s definitely the case on xPersonals.com, because if you refresh, the names and pics will often switch and change between them. These profiles will also change location depending on what the site reads your IP address to be closest to. This means that this site is little more than an xPersonals scam, and that’s why we took the time to really dig into it when it came to our xPersonals review. We just couldn’t let this sort of thing slide when we have guys like you trying to have a fun time on their flings. Our Results of Using xPersonals.com to Find Flings We spend a lot of time when it comes to reviewing these websites, because we really believe that time yields the…

Why BeNaughty.com Didn’t Make Our Top 5

Oh, goody. Another site with an oversexed couple on the front page! That’s definitely going to attract all the ladies in the world, because sites centered around men putting their dicks into things really does the trick. That’s sarcasm, trust us. Sites that are geared towards men getting laid – like BeNaughty.com – really just don’t work. They don’t attract the ladies like they need to because they’re all about ass and titties, and that’s honestly the last thing that any woman wants to see right off the bat. While BeNaughty.com isn’t the worst of the worst on that front, the site design is still awful, and it’s definitely not work safe. We highly frown upon sites that we can’t access from our workspace, because it makes our review process that much more difficult. It would also be a pain in the butt not to be able to talk to the ladies we like during the day, because hey, what’s wrong with keeping up with our girls at work? This site is a prime example of inconvenience at its finest… assuming there even are real women on this site at all. Our Results of Using BeNaughty.com to Find Flings We took our sweet time with our BeNaughty review, just like…

Why XXXBlackBook.com Didn’t Make Our Top 5

This site falls prey very quickly to the old fake profiles on the front page problem, and that’s why we immediately knew it was going to be trouble. It’s a shame, because it has kind of an amusing name – XXXBlackBook.com. The site itself isn’t amusing at all. We actually didn’t have any fun on this site whatsoever. That’s because rather than actually be full of fun, exciting girls, it’s full of a lot of fake profiles and maybe some off-site cam girls that want to scam you out of your cash. This site is very much unsafe. During the extent of our XXXBlackBook review, we found out very quickly that XXXBlackBook.com is just an insecure environment that makes any form of dating very dangerous. There are people on here that would sooner steal your information than go out with you, and that’s we had a very difficult time enjoying any sort of interaction that we ultimately had on this site. Our Results of Using XXXBlackBook.com to Find Flings We spent a lot of time on this site, just like we do with all of our reviews. With our XXXBlackBook review, we ended up spending six months on this site, all in order to obtain the most accurate data we…

Xpress.com Review: Our #5 Site for Flings

First and foremost, we had a lot of fun on this site. We spend a lot of time reviewing sites that are honestly subpar and that just don’t perform to our expectations, but Xpress.com wasn’t any of that… and it was a huge relief. This site is consistently fun. If you’re looking for a fling, you’re looking for fun. That’s why we think that Xpress.com is a great place to start for a lot of people, because you’ll be able to join right in with the active, bubbling community, and meet a lot of ladies right off the bat. This is the kind of site that just has constant activity. You’ll see a lot of people coming and going, but for the most part, they always come back. These are the kinds of sites with communities that thrive and stick around for a long time, and that’s honestly what makes a very successful dating and hookup site in the long run. When it comes to flings, you can’t hope for a more vibrant community in many ways, and our Xpress review really showed that in its results. The End Result of 6 Months on Xpress.com We spent a lot of time reviewing our sites. Our Xpress review wasn’t any different;…


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#2 Fling Site: EstablishedMen
#3 Fling Site: SocialSex
#4 Fling Site: AdultFriendFinder
#5 Fling Site: Xpress


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