Xpress.com Review: Our #5 Site for Flings

First and foremost, we had a lot of fun on this site. We spend a lot of time reviewing sites that are honestly subpar and that just don’t perform to our expectations, but Xpress.com wasn’t any of that… and it was a huge relief. This site is consistently fun. If you’re looking for a fling, you’re looking for fun. That’s why we think that Xpress.com is a great place to start for a lot of people, because you’ll be able to join right in with the active, bubbling community, and meet a lot of ladies right off the bat. This is the kind of site that just has constant activity. You’ll see a lot of people coming and going, but for the most part, they always come back. These are the kinds of sites with communities that thrive and stick around for a long time, and that’s honestly what makes a very successful dating and hookup site in the long run. When it comes to flings, you can’t hope for a more vibrant community in many ways, and our Xpress review really showed that in its results. The End Result of 6 Months on Xpress.com We spent a lot of time reviewing our sites. Our Xpress review wasn’t any different;…

EstablishedMen.com Review: Our #2 Site for Flings

We’ve been on a lot of dating sites during the course of our research… and before and after it. When it comes to certain sites, however, there’s always an urge to raise eyebrows and question. That’s the case with this one. We had our doubts about EstablishedMen.com. At first, it seems a bit weird, and, dare we say, sketchy. Those doubts went entirely out the window, however, when we started trying out this site and seeing for ourselves exactly how good it really was. It’s near impossible to find a dating and fling site that performs like this one. The reason that EstablishedMen.com works so well is that everyone goes into this site knowing exactly what they want, and exactly what they have to do in order to get it. All in all, that makes for a scenario that really works. Though we had our doubts about a site that boasts being able to hook hot girls up with rich guys, if you can fake it, then you’re most likely going to get exactly what you want out of this place. The End Result of 6 Months on EstablishedMen.com We really love enjoying these dating sites, and on top of that, we really love having the best and most accurate…

SocialSex.com Review: Our #3 Site for Flings

If you’re looking for a site that’s jampacked with possibilities, then we honestly think that SocialSex.com is one of the best sites for you and your potential fling. This site is incredibly active. That’s one of the main reasons why we were so excited to review it. Normally, we try out sites and we actually find ourselves a little bit disappointed by the fact that they lie about their numbers across the board. When it comes to SocialSex.com, however, that wasn’t the case at all. If anything, this site is even more active than we thought. During the extent of our SocialSex review, we actually found ourselves having to compete with a lot of guys to get the ladies that we really wanted to hookup with. For a lot of guys, we know this can be a huge turn-on… and we have to admit, it was a pretty big deal for us, too. We had a ton of fun on this site. And that’s why we just couldn’t help but dig into it with everything we had, all in order to find out how good it really is. The End Result of 6 Months on SocialSex.com We spent six months doing our research for our SocialSex review. This might seem…

AdultFriendFinder.com Review: Our #4 Site for Flings

AdultFriendFinder.com is a site that we’ve been using for a long time, but we’ve never actually taken the time to sit down and really review it. We’re glad we finally did, though; this is the kind of site that everyone knows about, and for good reason. It’s been around awhile, and it deserves to stay. This is a great site, and a lot of fun. There’s definitely someone for everyone on here, from the kinksters to the alt ladies to those just wanting a good, stress-free time. That’s why we really think that AdultFriendFinder.com works for those just hopping into the fling scene more than anything else. During the extent of our AdultFriendFinder review, it became readily apparent how popular this site is… and how long it’s been around! Seriously, when a site’s been around during the hay days of MySpace and has outlasted it, you know that it’s one of the greats. That’s why we just couldn’t pass up an opportunity to check it out; this site is definitely worth a second glance. The End Result of 6 Months on AdultFriendFinder.com We’ve been around the block more than once, and that’s why we really like to take our time and do it right. We’ve really figured out that six…

FuckBookNet.net Review: Our #1 Site for Flings

Occasionally, you come across a site that just works. In the case of FuckBookNet.net, that’s definitely the case – and even more, judging by the amazing results we had when we tried this site out for flings. This site is the best of the best. It’s actually shocking how well this site worked for us. It’s rare that we find ourselves with a site that has a great layout, an easy-to-use design, and an overall atmosphere that is open, friendly, and a great deal of fun. Amazingly, we found all of that here at FuckBookNet.net. We admit, we had a good laugh at the name for a few minutes… but hey, names aren’t always indicators. With this site, it’s pretty clear that it’s a cut above the rest, especially if you’re looking for an easy way to have that fling that we know you’ve been thinking about for awhile. The End Result of 6 Months on FuckBookNet.net We take our sweet time reviewing all of the sites that we look into. With our FuckBookNet review, we spent a total of six months on the site, all in order to ensure that we had the most accurate information possible to hand out to you. We take pride in our research. Accurate…


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#1 Fling Site: FuckBookNet
#2 Fling Site: EstablishedMen
#3 Fling Site: SocialSex
#4 Fling Site: AdultFriendFinder
#5 Fling Site: Xpress


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