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This site kind of has the hooker vibe, especially when you’re flipping through profiles and realizing that they mostly seem to be cam girls.

AmateurMatch.com immediately makes us think of some weird porno with “amateur” girls. You know the type, or at least you’ve heard of it in passing, and honestly, it isn’t the kind of thing that we want to think about when we’re out looking for a fling.

We want to get laid, not watch porn.

Porn’s great and all, but we’re actually pretty classy dudes. That’s why we want flings with like-minded women, not hookers. This site kind of has the hooker vibe, especially when you’re flipping through profiles and realizing that they mostly seem to be cam girls.

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We just didn’t get a good vibe from AmateurMatch.com’s community. It became increasingly clear during the extent of our AmateurMatch review that it just wasn’t a good environment overall, and that made us pretty nervous the whole time we were here. We stuck with it for better or for worse, however, because results are our middle names.

Our Results of Using AmateurMatch.com to Find Flings

We spent six months on this site during our AmateurMatch review. Our stay here made it increasingly obvious how important it is to really gather numbers before you make judgments on a site. We always want the most authentic reports to give you, and that’s why we take the time to do these reviews.

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In this case, our guesses were right.

We sent out a total of 540 e-mails during our stay on this site, and each and every one of them was personalized. These e-mails weren’t spam; they were customized towards the profiles of the women we contacted, all in order to make an authentic dating experience happen.

There wasn’t any dating, though.

Out of those 540 e-mails, we only received 62 responses. This sort of made us sit down and stare, open-mouthed. It’s a rare day that you see a result that low, because usually, we at least want a 50% turnover.

Considering we didn’t get anywhere close to our 50% turnover, it’s safe to say that we also didn’t get a single woman on this site that wanted to meet up with us. We were extremely disappointed, and we sort of had to gnash our teeth over how much time we spent on this site, wasting our time away.

We also had to wonder what the point of this site was. If you can’t even get a single girl to meet up with you, then there’s definitely not going to be a fling.

Is AmateurMatch.com Worth Your Time? Nope.

This site is a house full of cam girls for the most part. It made it extremely difficult to even find a single real lady on this site to send messages to, and that made us want to pull our hair out more than once.

Scammers do not make a good dating environment.

It should be obvious, but apparently, the admins of AmateurMatch seem to think that AmateurMatch scams are just fine and dandy. They don’t seem to care very much about anyone using the site, and that includes giving you the option to report scammers.

This makes for a very unsafe dating environment. You might be sending messages to a woman one minute, only to realize in the next that she’s trying to get your credit card information.

You shouldn’t feel stressed when you’re trying to date.

Unfortunately, that’s all that this site seems to do: make men feel uncomfortable and stressed in a dating environment that should be safe and fun. AmateurMatch scams are not pleasant to deal with at all.

The End Result: Our Review of AmateurMatch.com

It should be obvious that we’d never recommend AmateurMatch.com to anyone. This is the kind of site that makes us very leery, and also makes us worry about anyone new to the fling scene attempting to make it work for them. It’s a good way to discourage men, if nothing else!

Rather than feel discouraged, however, we highly suggest that you check out our number one site, FuckBookNet.net. It’s a safe, fun environment that really does work to help you meet the kinds of women that want to meet guys like you.

AmateurMatch.com in the News

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25 Responses to “Why AmateurMatch.com Didn’t Make Our Top 5”

  1. AmateurMatch.com just has to be a scam. I mean, really? I know some of the profiles are fake bc I KNOW I saw one of those “profile pics” on another site too…

  2. I wish I could say that this site was great in comparison to others I’ve used but I just can’t. It’s actually one of the worst ones I’ve ever used.

  3. Sheep Brave

    I’m so glad I get the opportunity to leave a review on this site. I can let everyone know how terrible this one is! Don’t waste your time like I did!

  4. I decided to test out AmateurMatch.com for myself and I have to say that at first glance, this is how a dating site should look. I’m hoping the profiles are as good as the homepage.

  5. Needless Full Logbook

    You’re more likely to have a good amount of success in the dating world if you avoid this site all together. I didn’t meet a single hot woman on here.

  6. I’m just about done with dating sites all together after the bad experience I had on AmateurMatch.com…all of these profiles look like total fakes! Am I the only one who thought so?

  7. I’m giving this the lowest rating possible. They let you sign up for free but it’s only a basic membership, which you can’t do ANYTHING on. Talk about a waste of my time.

  8. White General

    I’m rushing to write reviews of all the dating sites I used in 2013 before the year is over. This one is definitely not one of my favorites. It didn’t really work for me.

  9. The site is legit, I know that much. I don’t see many fake profiles. I used it for a while. It’s not great but it’s not terrible either. I’m pretty apathetic towards it tbh.

  10. Venom Gold

    I’m disappointed overall with sites like this. Every one I’ve used recently has been a total letdown. It either has no women at all or all the women are unattractive.

  11. When it wasn’t working, I worried AmateurMatch.com was a scam. Then I realized it’s just a dead site that no one wants to use so they just make fake profiles.

  12. I’ve used sites in the past that are way better in comparison to this one. There were NO women on here that looked like anyone I’d want to hook up with.

  13. Der Empire

    I’m so glad I found out that I can leave reviews now. Not that I have too much to say tho…just that the site really isn’t very good at all.

  14. Well, I at least gave it a test run. That’s all I can say. The site is okay. Not good, not bad. I just don’t like dating sites much in general tbh.

  15. Disappointed Smoke

    Nothing good to say about this one. The free membership is only the basic one and you can’t do shit with a basic membership. A bait-and-switch that was a waste of time.

  16. Dating sites like AmateurMatch.com are a disgrace to the world of dating sites. They’re just this side of scams with their bait-and-switch techniques. I am not a happy member right now tbh.

  17. I can’t give this site a high rating. Nothing about it is worthwhile to me at all. To be honest, I’m pissed I even wasted the time to create a profile. I’m not paying for a dating site.

  18. Writing yet another review. I’ve written so many in 2013 I think I’ve lost count. This site fell flat on pretty much every expectation I had, I’m sad to say.

  19. I’m hoping I finally found a legit site in AmateurMatch.com. I haven’t used it much yet so I wish I had a stronger opinion, but sadly I don’t so far!

  20. Der Hamster

    I’ve used a lot of sites like this one: ones that look good at first but don?t let you do anything beyond signing up without paying. It’s really frustrating to me.

  21. I HATE sites that try to scam me out of money like AmateurMatch.com did. Why let you sign up for free and then require payment to do anything else? Just make people pay in the first place or something.

  22. This one is very bad in comparison to other dating sites I’ve used. I plan on deleting my profile asap and never returning to this terrible site again after that.

  23. I had to leave a review as soon as I remembered I could. I’ve had much more success on other sites compared to this one, so I’m a bit disappointed.

  24. I was pressured into doing a test run of this AmateurMatch.com site, so to speak, so I’m excited to see how it goes. I have a good opinion so far but it might change.

  25. Tiger Seriously

    I’d had a good amount of success with dating sites in the past and I was expecting to get more out of this one than I did. This isn’t a great choice of site.


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