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The site design is bad, and it just gets worse from there. It's designed to draw men in and push women out. You can see the problem.

Oh, goody. Another site with an oversexed couple on the front page! That’s definitely going to attract all the ladies in the world, because sites centered around men putting their dicks into things really does the trick.

That’s sarcasm, trust us.

Sites that are geared towards men getting laid – like BeNaughty.com – really just don’t work. They don’t attract the ladies like they need to because they’re all about ass and titties, and that’s honestly the last thing that any woman wants to see right off the bat.

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While BeNaughty.com isn’t the worst of the worst on that front, the site design is still awful, and it’s definitely not work safe. We highly frown upon sites that we can’t access from our workspace, because it makes our review process that much more difficult.

It would also be a pain in the butt not to be able to talk to the ladies we like during the day, because hey, what’s wrong with keeping up with our girls at work? This site is a prime example of inconvenience at its finest… assuming there even are real women on this site at all.

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Our Results of Using BeNaughty.com to Find Flings

We took our sweet time with our BeNaughty review, just like we do with all of our site reviews. Spending six months on this site wasn’t a luxury; it was taking the time to really get the right numbers and figure out exactly how well or how badly this site performed.

It was definitely worth the time spent.

During the extent of our BeNaughty review, we sent out 540 e-mails. That’s an e-mail a day to all of these ladies that we met on this site, and each and every one of them was specifically tailored towards their interests.

It insured an authentic dating experience.

Unfortunately, good e-mails didn’t really make much of a difference. Out of those 540 e-mails, we only received 127 responses. Considering we like to have a 50% return at the very least for us to even consider the website ‘good’ or not, we were really not impressed.

It got even worse, however. We didn’t have a single woman out of any of those e-mails that wanted to set up a real date with us. Understandably, we were disappointed. We signed up for this site to be able to have a fling, and we couldn’t even end up with a single woman wanting to meet up with us. This would frustrate a lot of men, and it definitely made us start grinding our teeth.

Is BeNaughty.com Worth Your Time? Nope.

This site just doesn’t have enough women on it to really make a good dating site. There are a number of reasons for that, and it became increasingly obvious as our review went on that BeNaughty scams were just a thing on this website.

Unfortunately, this site just doesn’t cater to women.

While it’s great to have a dating site that helps men get the flings that they want, that’s not going to do anyone any good if those sites don’t bring the right ladies in. BeNaughty.com just doesn’t advertise towards women, and that’s why this site isn’t active in the slightest.

This is the kind of site that makes us cringe. It pushes in every regard to drag guys in and convince them that it’s the kind of site that will really work for them, but it does nothing for women. This means that you end up with a site full of horny guys looking for a fling, and not a single woman in sight.

Inactive sites mean no flings.

It’s just a disappointing situation overall, and one that we weren’t happy to be part of. We’re not even sure that most of our e-mail responses were real people; we just think they were another BeNaughty scam in the making.

The End Result: Our Review of BeNaughty.com

There’s no way that we can recommend BeNaughty.com to anyone that’s interested in having a fling. It just doesn’t work for online dating, and we can’t imagine anyone being able to use this site to really hookup with a real woman. If you want to be frustrated, sure; otherwise, stay away from it.

We know most guys aren’t interested in being frustrated, however, and that’s why we highly recommend that you check out our number one fling dating site, FuckBookNet.net. Unlike BeNaughty.com, FuckBookNet.net actually keeps its promises, and it’s teeming with men and women alike that just want to have fun. Check it out, and you’ll definitely have the experience that you’re craving.

BeNaughty.com in the News

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25 Responses to “Why BeNaughty.com Didn’t Make Our Top 5”

  1. BeNaughty.com says you can sign up for free but they conveniently don’t tell you that you’ll have to pay later…it’s all one big scam like every other site out there.

  2. There’s no comparison when you put this site against others because this one sucks. Every other site I’ve been on makes this one look even shittier and I can’t believe it.

  3. Grotesque Infant

    I guess I’ll leave a review to add to all the other bad ones. This site isn’t very good and if you’re looking to actually get laid this isn’t going to get you anywhere.

  4. Someome recommended BeNaughty.com to me and told me to test it out. I haven’t found any naughty women on here yet but then again, I haven’t looked too hard yet.

  5. Wow, this site just isn’t very good, is it? I figured it’d be good for alternative dating, but I’ve yet to find a woman whose profile looks real at all.

  6. BeNaughty.com says it’s full of naughty people and it would be a great dating site if any of the profiles seemed like they weren’t fake and generated by bots on the site.

  7. Rating this site the lowest one possible is no problem. There is NOTHING good about this site. Normally with the bad ones like this I can find at least one good thing. Not here.

  8. Phys Lamhold

    Leaving yet another review…2013 is almost over and I’ve yet to find a dating site that fits my needs. This site fell flat in almost every aspect so I’m still on the hunt.

  9. I hope this BeNaughty.com site is as legit as everyone says it is! I’ve only just loaded up the site so I’m hoping it impresses me when I get around to making a profile.

  10. Hideous Scarecrow

    I have to say that this site has a lot of problems. It has a long way to go before I’ll even consider it as a worthwhile dating site like other sites like it.

  11. Not all scams involve money…be careful on here. I’m convinced that BeNaughty.com has something going on behind the scenes that probably isn’t right. Terrible in absolutely every sense of the word.

  12. No comparison necessary…this one stands on its own as a terrible site. There’s just nothing good about it. Take my advice and don’t waste your time, guys. Go somewhere that’ll actually get you laid.

  13. Captain Sofia Stoker

    I knew I had to come and leave a review to let anyone else who’s thinking of making a profile and wasting their time doesn’t make the same mistake I did.

  14. Everyone kept telling me to test BeNaughty.com out to see what it could do for me. The site seems okay, but I haven’t met any women yet. I don’t have a very strong opinion eithe rway.

  15. Well, it’s good that I had profiles on other sites too or I would’ve never found a date. This site did absolutely nothing to help me and it’s really disappointing.

  16. Dating sites like BeNaughty.com are the worst…they look good when you start out but then you create a profile and realize just how pathetic they are. Total waste of time.

  17. the lowest rating possible isn’t low enough for this site. NONE OF THESE PROFILES ARE REAL. Don’t waste your time like I did, trust me! You’re going to regret it this site SUCKS.

  18. Eastern Long Tungsten

    I’ve written a lot of reviews over the course of 2013 and I can confidently say that almost none of them hav been nice. I’m just pretty disappointed with dating sites in general.

  19. If you asked me if BeNaughty.com was legit or not I’m not sure what I’d say at this point. It looks kinda…bad. I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover tho. I need to create a profile.

  20. White Emerald

    I’m not too happy with the site. Dating in real life wasn’t working for me so I was looking for sites like this that actually work…this one didn’t at all.

  21. I’m convinced that BeNaughty.com is a scam. It says you can sign up for free but I bet they want you to pay to actually send messages or something like that.

  22. Sites that I called bad in the past look great in comparison to this one. This is THE biggest waste of time I’ve ever seen. Is there an award for worst site?

  23. Forgotten White Sound

    Sure, I’ll review this site…it isn’t very good imo. It’s hard to get it to load right and none of the profiles seem like real women. That’s just me tho.

  24. I figured that BeNaughty.com deserved a test run from me after the reviews I read. Some reviews were good, some were bad…I haven’t really formed an opinion yet to be honest.

  25. Zumma-Lax

    I thought this was going to be a good site but nope, I was sadly mistaken. It’s just like every other one I’ve ever used. Boring and a big waste of time.


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