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Our surprise second! We didn't expect it, but we got 30 great dates and 28 rocking flings out of this site.

We’ve been on a lot of dating sites during the course of our research… and before and after it. When it comes to certain sites, however, there’s always an urge to raise eyebrows and question.

That’s the case with this one.

We had our doubts about At first, it seems a bit weird, and, dare we say, sketchy. Those doubts went entirely out the window, however, when we started trying out this site and seeing for ourselves exactly how good it really was.

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It’s near impossible to find a dating and fling site that performs like this one. The reason that works so well is that everyone goes into this site knowing exactly what they want, and exactly what they have to do in order to get it.

All in all, that makes for a scenario that really works. Though we had our doubts about a site that boasts being able to hook hot girls up with rich guys, if you can fake it, then you’re most likely going to get exactly what you want out of this place.

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There’s a lot to love about this site. You can’t go wrong with EstablishedMen

The End Result of 6 Months on

We really love enjoying these dating sites, and on top of that, we really love having the best and most accurate reviews around. That’s why we take our sweet time on these sites – and in the case of our EstablishedMen review, it was six months.

That time really makes a difference.

During the six month period of our EstablishedMen review, we sent out 540 e-mails. That’s one e-mail a day to women that we met on this site, and every single one of those e-mails was meant to mirror a real, authentic experience for dating. That means they were all personalized, and it made these girls realize that they weren’t just spam e-mails.

We really wanted to get together with these ladies.

Fortunately, out of those 540 e-mails, we received 398 replies. We usually aim for 50% return, but this was way above and beyond our expectations. It was shocking, incredible, and really made us open our eyes and realize what an amazing site that this is!

Out of those 398 replies, 35 of those women wanted to go out on a date with us. 30 of them ultimately showed up, and we actually ended up in the hotel room of 28 of them.

It’s pretty difficult to even come close to these kinds of results. We were elated and really happy to share our findings, because honestly? quickly rose to the top of our favorites list.

Tips to Get Ahead on

On a site this good, it’s really hard to even need tips. It works, it has a formula that works, and that’s why we had a great time on this site even before we knew what we were doing. EstablishedMen scams just aren’t even a thing here for the most part.

That being said, know how to act.

This is a site where the way you act is everything. These women expect a dude that has a lot of assets, and we’re not just talking about what’s in their briefs. They want a guy that has money and can really take care of them when you’re having a fling with them.

You don’t have to be rich to make this site for you. It’s not about having a massive bank account; it’s all about making these women think that you have a massive bank account. If you can trick them, then that’s 99% of the battle.

Your profile is the biggest and best way to do this. Don’t flash dollar bills around, but do look clean, professional, and stand next to a fancy car if you’ve got to pose. Do this kind of thing, and you’ll have a step in the right direction that a lot of guys don’t.

2 Messages That Got Awesome Results

Email 1: “Hi, Amelia. I have to say, you have an amazing knack for painting. It really makes me want to watch you paint in person sometime, if you aren’t too private for that sort of thing. I’m actually going to have a chance to go out on my boat this weekend, and if you want to spend some time doing that with me, I’d be honored to have you around.”

Email 2: “Hi, Carly. You obviously have a lot of big dreams, and I really admire that in a woman. You seem like you’d be a lot of fun to go out to dinner with, especially because you’ve obviously dined with the best. Maybe we can talk about some of your favorite kinds of cuisines and give me a few ideas?”

Features That Rocked on

The best part about this site, honestly, is the fact that everyone is very blunt and straight-forward when it comes to absolutely everything about the flings going on. These ladies aren’t interested in any EstablishedMen scams; they just want to go out with a guy that is going to take care of them.

If you act the part, you’ll get what you want.

With that in mind, you’re the one in control here. If that isn’t the best feature a guy could ask for, we aren’t sure what is! It’s the kind of site that most guys really dream about, and we have to admit…we were pretty into it.

As far as actual site features, though, we were really thrilled with the way this site can narrow down locations for us. It made it so much easier to find women that were in our area, and were interested in meeting us locally – and quickly!

Features That Could Use Some Work

While we really do love this site, there were a couple of parts to it that just weren’t the absolute best out there as far as we could see.

One of the main things that we noticed about this site is that it does have something of a lagtime with messages. This isn’t unusual. It’s usually just the server itself being a little slow, and considering how many guys are on this site at any given time, that’s sort of a given. Just keep that in mind, and if you still think your message got lost, you can always resend it at a later time.

Review of Our Call on Using for Flings.

At the end of the day, it’s hard not to recommend We had a blast using this website, and it’s really nice seeing a site that caters to guys for a change, and has the women really chasing after us in droves.

Keep in mind that this site does require something of a persona in order to work properly, but for most of us, that was never a problem. If you can fake it just a little bit, then you’ve got it made on a site like in the News

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35 Responses to “ Review: Our #2 Site for Flings”

  1. i can’t give establishedmen anything more than an AMAZING rating. there’s a reason why i keep coming back to this site, it’s the best of the best

  2. there’s really no comparison. this is my kind of site, it’s incredibly easy to meet women on here and that’s why i love it, this site just does everything i want

  3. Scarlet Weasel

    not a scam at all but i don’t know if establishedmen is as good as everyone says it is. it just seems a little hit and miss for me so far but i hope that changes

  4. this site is really good and really easy to use. i think that most ugys should at least give this site a shot, there are SO MANY hot ladies on here

  5. pretty sure this site is legit and so i’m really glad i gave it a shot. the women on here are smoking hot and they’re really into me

  6. this was just supposed to be a test run but it ended up being amazing. this is the kind of site i’ll come back to again and again, viva la establishedmen!

  7. really deserving of a great review. this site knocks it out of the park and then some, don’t pass this one up for anything it just really works

  8. Fast Alpha Dog

    when i write a new review 2013 list i’m not entirely sure if i’ll rank establishedmen. i’m still trying to figure out how good this site is afterall

  9. this isn’t my absolute first pick for dating but it’s up there. this is a good site and very consistent, it can just be slow going at times

  10. Captain John Sangre

    rarely do i use sites like this but this is one i’ll definitely keep coming back to. don’t pass it up, it’s one of the best sites out there for sure

  11. only rating i can give this site is a 10 out of 10! establishedmen just works better than all the best so don’t pass it up, this site rocks

  12. you will definitely not be able ot think of a comparison to a site this good. it’s really my absolute favorite and it’s the kind of site that everyone should use at least once

  13. Cruel Left-handed Ocelot

    not a scam in the slightest but i’m still not that fond of it. i think that establishedmen works for certain guys and i’m not certain that i’m one of them

  14. this one is really good and very easy to pick up chicks on. that’s why i enjoy it so much, it really takes a lot of work out of the equation

  15. Donkey Fast

    this one is really legit so keep that in mind if you ever get skeptical. these women will be eating out of the palm of your hand if you let them!

  16. my test run of establishedmen went so well that i immediately lept in head first. this is a great site and it makes it so easy to meet the ladies that you’re dying to meet

  17. a great review on this one from me. i really was THRILLED with how this site worked for me andi wouldn’t giveit up for the world

  18. Runny Horse

    on my review 2013 list i’m not sure how to rank establishedmen. it just seems a little meh to me but overall i guess that it’s ok for the most part

  19. just not the cleanest site out there but still pretty good for dating. i wouldn’t pass up a chance to use this because it really works well for some people

  20. Disappointed Smoke

    you know i had a lot of worries about sites like this but this one proved me wrong. it just works great and i think that in general it’s the kind of site that i like

  21. if you’re looking for a way to meet more women, this is the site for you. establishedmen has my highest rating on that front and for good reason. DON’T pass it over

  22. there’s just no comparison to a site like this. i’ve met more women on here than i have anywhere and that’s why i adore it, it’s a great site

  23. Big Backpack

    this site isn’t a scam but that doesn’t mean i’m sold on it. i just think that establishedmen needs some work before i really get into it

  24. this site is nothing but good things for my sex life lol. it’s just the best of the best and i think that in general it really works better than anything else

  25. definitely legit and that’s why i’m still here. i worry about that alot but this site has really taken away my worries and that’s why i’m still here

  26. just a test run told me everything about establishedmen and why i should stick around. it’s a great site and i think that this site is the best of hte best

  27. only a quick review was all i needed to read before i was SOLD on this site. it’s just very easy to use and really helps me meet more women!

  28. Stormy Rebel Breeze

    not sure how i’ll rank it on my review 2013 list but i’m not sure it’ll be that high. i think that established men has some potential but it’s not my favorite

  29. really pretty good for dating though it’s not always my top pick. it’s still a very good site and in general i think it’s very reliable and easy to use

  30. Red Francois Darkmoon

    usually i’m not into sites like this but it’s still pretty good and i think that i’ll be happy to use it again in the future, i’ve met a ton of women on here

  31. high rating on my end for sure! this site is just the best of the best and thats’ why i keep coming back to establishedmen and will continue to do so

  32. this site has a great interface and it’s so easy to use, there’s no comparison to it. i think this site is just very reliable in general.

  33. Joe Moony Dreadbeard

    not a scam but it’s just not my favorite. i think that establishedmen has potential but it’s just not living up to it as far as i can see

  34. this site isn’t just good it’s amazing. i’ve had a lot of luck on this site and if you know how to work it you’ll definitely have the same

  35. Strawberry Vulture

    very legit and very easy to use. i think this site is the best oft he best and makes it very easy to use overall, it’s jsut a great site


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