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The results speak for themselves! 406 replies, 33 hot dates, and 29 steamy flings. You can't beat that.

Occasionally, you come across a site that just works. In the case of FuckBookNet.net, that’s definitely the case – and even more, judging by the amazing results we had when we tried this site out for flings.

This site is the best of the best.

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It’s actually shocking how well this site worked for us. It’s rare that we find ourselves with a site that has a great layout, an easy-to-use design, and an overall atmosphere that is open, friendly, and a great deal of fun.

Amazingly, we found all of that here at FuckBookNet.net. We admit, we had a good laugh at the name for a few minutes… but hey, names aren’t always indicators. With this site, it’s pretty clear that it’s a cut above the rest, especially if you’re looking for an easy way to have that fling that we know you’ve been thinking about for awhile.

The End Result of 6 Months on FuckBookNet.net

We take our sweet time reviewing all of the sites that we look into. With our FuckBookNet review, we spent a total of six months on the site, all in order to ensure that we had the most accurate information possible to hand out to you.

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Our absolute #1 pick for fling dating: FuckBookNet

We take pride in our research.

Accurate research is what we expect, and that’s why we try to make sure that our process of determining how good these sites is as on-point as possible.

We sent out 540 e-mails over the span of those 6 months – yep, that’s right, one e-mail per day for the entirety of our trial. These e-mails were all sent out to the ladies that we found on this site, and were all personalized to their profiles in order to make sure it would highly resemble an authentic dating experience.

We wanted to have a fling with these women.

During our FuckBookNet review, we really wanted to see how many women we could actually hook up with and have flings with. That’s why our testing was so important to us, and why we wanted so badly to be able to pass on accurate information to you.

Out of those 540 e-mails we sent out, we received 406 back on this site. That was amazing, and really had us on the floor in shock. We’ve never seen results like that before, and it really turned our heads and made us realize exactly how good this site was.

It didn’t stop there.

Out of those 406 e-mails, 38 ladies wanted to actually meet up on a date with us. 33 showed up, and at the end of the night, 29 of them ended up in our hotel rooms. You really can’t argue with those kinds of numbers!

Tips to Get Ahead on FuckBookNet.net

If you’re starting to think that there’s a FuckBookNet scam going around, you couldn’t be more wrong. This is the kind of site that we dream of, but it really pays to know how to work it even more to your advantage.

Stand out in the crowds.

FuckBookNet.net is a packed site, and that’s part of what makes it so good. Because of the massive amount of activity on this site, there are a ton of women on here that will be eager to go and have a fling with you.

That being said – you need to really have a great profile set up. Make sure that it’s clean, easy to read, and really details all that it possibly can about you as a person.

On top of this, make sure that you have a profile pic that’s flattering. We’re not saying that you have to be a stud to get laid on this site, but what does count is that you’re smiling, that it’s a clean and not grainy picture, and that you’re not sitting there showing them your asscheeks. Look like a fun guy, and you’re going to get some fun girls.

2 Messages That Got Awesome Results

Email 1: “Hi, Kelly. I can’t help but notice that you have an amazing smile, and that’s really what drew me into your profile. I stuck around, though, when I started reading about you and all the things you’re into. Care to meet me at the local hookah bar this weekend? I’d love to hear about your exotic collections.”

Email 2: “Hi, Britt. You’ve got an amazing set of peepers there; I’ve never seen a girl with eyes as blue as yours. I get bored on the weekends as much as you do, and I’d love to have someone to chat with about some more interesting activities. Don’t suppose you’d have a moment to talk with me?”

Features That Rocked on FuckBookNet.net

Here’s the thing about FuckBookNet.net: it’s clean, it’s fun, and it’s easy. It’s actually kind of hard to just think of one thing about this site to compliment.

Overall, ease of use stands out.

When you make a dating site of any sort, you want it to be easy to use. You want it to be secure, and you want it to be safe – but if you can’t even login, what’s the point of anything?

With FuckBookNet, it’s incredibly easy to find everything that you need within easy reach. That’s why we were impressed right off the bat; it’s almost impossible to get lost on this site, and if you ever have any questions, customer service is an easy ping away.

Customer service, by the way, is great.

We loved being able to contact customer service whenever we had the slightest issue. Customer service is also what keeps the FuckBookNet scams away. You can easily report anyone that looks suspicious or tries to phish out information from you.

Overall, this makes this site incredibly secure, and with the ease of use coupled with that, you really can’t beat it.

Features That Could Use Some Work

The only thing that we found a little “eh” about this site was the fact that sometimes, you will see a cam girl here or there.

This is because overall, while this site is very easy-to-use… sometimes, it’s a little too easy to sign up. This makes people that are phishers from other countries have an easy time of figuring everything out, and making themselves right at home. If you take the time to report these people, however, they’ll be gone in an instant.

Review of FuckBookNet.net: Our Call on Using FuckBookNet.net for Flings.

Overall? This is our favorite. This is our number one site for a good reason, and the numbers show it clear as day. That’s why we’re happy to recommend FuckBookNet.net, and will be happy to keep doing so.

This is the kind of site that we tell our buddies about. We’ve had so many successful flings on here that it’s hard to not get addicted! Test this one out, and you won’t regret your decision.

FuckBookNet.net in the News

FuckBookNet.net is the kind of site that’s going to give your sex life a boost, and your self-esteem, too, like in this article: http://voices.yahoo.com/sex-self-esteem-2593184.html?cat=9

Sex has a lot of health benefits, and FuckBookNet is just going to add to them: http://voices.yahoo.com/health-benefits-sex-34536.html?cat=5

35 Responses to “FuckBookNet.net Review: Our #1 Site for Flings”

  1. this site is by far the best i’ve ever tried. don’t pass it up, there’s a reason why fuckbooknet is my number one and gets my highest rating for sure

  2. there’s really no comparison to this site. it rocks it out and makes me really happy to be able to use it, this site gets me more ladies than anything else

  3. The Gutsy Knight

    definitely not a scam but i’m not sure how legit fuckbooknet really is? this site seems to be a little hit and miss os just keep that in mind

  4. this one is not just good, it’s AMAZING. this is the kind of site that i’m dying to get back on and have more flings on, it’s the best out there

  5. Light Sergeant

    DON’T PASS THIS ONE UP, it’s definitely legit, it just can take a little while to get going. it’s one of my favorites by far so just keep that in mind

  6. this site was a test run that i ended up falling in love with. it’s the best of hte best and that’s why i recommend fuckbooknet to all of my friends for sure

  7. can’t pass up a chance to give this one a great review. it’s the best of hte best and i really think this site is one of the easiest ways to meet women

  8. when i write my new review 2013 list i’m just not sure where i’ll be putting fuckbooknet. it’s kind of hit and miss for me but i hope that changes

  9. for online dating this one is one of the better ones. i think that in general it’s just kind of a good site but it’s the same as everything else i’ve seen

  10. Cloudy Moon

    can’t pass up sites like this. it’s just the best i’ve tried and it makes it incredibly easy to meet women. don’t look this one over

  11. this site gets the highest rating from me without a doubt. fuckbooknet really works and it’s a LOT of fun on top of that. don’t pass this site up at all

  12. there’s really no way to even begin thinking of a comparison to this site! it helps me meet more women than i ever could have imagined

  13. Angry Mutant

    this site isn’t a scam at all but i’m just not that fond of it. i think that fuckbooknet is ok but it’s just THAT GREAT not like all the hype seems to claim that it is

  14. this one isn’t just good it’s amazing. i’ve had so much luck with this site and meeting women. don’t psas it up, it really does work

  15. Strawberry Vulture

    these ladies are all legit and i think that in general it’s a great way to meet women. it’s pretty easy to get started on this site so just jump right in

  16. the only test run i did of fuckbooknet went so well that i just couldn’t pass it up any longer. this is my favorite site by far adn it really does work for flings

  17. i did a review of this site and was so impressed that i just had to keep trying it out. i’ve met so many women on here that it’s just incredible

  18. Donna Darkmoon

    for my review 2013 site i’m not sure where to rank this one. fuckbooknet is ok but it’s just not the best of the best so i’m not sure about it

  19. ok for dating and definitely one i’ll try again but there are some tweaks that htey could do just keep that in mind and keep an open mind when using it

  20. Boy Serious

    usually i don’t like sites like this but this one changed my mind! it’s so easy to meet women on here that it’s sort of impossible to pass it up, it’s the best

  21. this site gets my highest rating by far! fuckbooknet just works better than all the rest and that’s why i adore it. don’t pass this one over for anything

  22. there’s really no way to think of a comparison to this site. it’s just the best at helping you pick up women, more so than any other site i’ve used

  23. Kala Ruthless Fargloom

    not a scam but it’s just not that great. i think that fuckbooknet has potential but so far it’s just been kind of hit and miss for me

  24. i think this site is really good and worth a second glance but be aware it is kind of crowded so it mgiht be slow to start off as far as i can tell

  25. Tapir Barbaric

    this site is legit and one of my favorites by far. i was worried abou thow good it would be but that was quickly tossed aside when i realized that it’s just a ton of fun

  26. this site was a test run that really proved to me how good it was. fuckbooknet is just a BLAST and that’s why i think it’s worth a glance for everyone

  27. Cleveland

    don’t pass this one over, there’s a reason why it has such a good review from me! i think this site is among the best that i’ve ever been on

  28. ArmadilloArmadillo

    when i come up with a new review 2013 list i’m just not sure where to put fuckbooknet. it’s kind of meh for me and i hope that it improves

  29. for dating this site takes hte cake. it just makes it so easy to meet the women that you’re craving and that’s what i really love about this site

  30. Ventostring

    this site isn’t like any other sites like it in its field. keep that in mind and really dive straight in, it’s the best and makes it so easy to have flings

  31. only rating i’ll give this site is a 10 out of 10! fuckbooknet is among the best out there and they know it. that’s why it’s still going strong

  32. no comparison. i think this site is among my favorites ever and that’s because it’s helpe dme have more flings than any other sites combined

  33. Dangerous Leather

    definitely not a scam though that doesn’t mean i’m sold on it. i think that fuckbooknet needs some work before i really get into using it often

  34. not just good, it’s GREAT. this site does work but it can take awhile to get started so keep that in mind when you’re using it

  35. Remote Autumn

    i think this site is legit and i really do enjoy meeting ladies on it. it just works better than all the otthers that i’ve seen so far which is great


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