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This site is among the worst of the worst, and the results don’t lie. We got only 7 responses to our 540 messagesÉ and all of them were spam.

It’s actually hilarious to think that a dating site has any real science behind it. iHookup.com isn’t the first site to claim this sort of thing, but seriously: when it comes to flings, it’s all about chemistry, and it isn’t the kind that you brew up in a beaker in college.

This site is nothing but lies.

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Lies piss us off. They make us realize very quickly how much crap a site is full of, and iHookup.com is full of a lot of it. It makes us want to pull out our hair at least ten times over, and that’s because this site takes itself so seriously that we just have to groan.

During the extent of our iHookup review, we really came to realize that this site is just more ridiculous the more you did. It also, hilariously, is quite inactive and empty, which means that it’s just preaching to an empty room. We’re not sure if there’s anything more pathetic than that… unless you count the poor saps that are on this website still, assuming that it’s eventually going to work for them. This whole place is depressing, and we couldn’t wait to get out and be done with it.

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Our Results of Using iHookup.com to Find Flings

We spent a long, long time reviewing these sites, all to make sure that you have the most accurate results available to you. With our iHookup review, we ended up spending six months on the site, sending out e-mails and really making sure that we had authentic, real results to share with you.

It’s a shame the results weren’t better.

Even still, we stuck around and sent out 540 e-mails to ladies we met on this site over the span of six months. These e-mails weren’t spam. They were all authentic e-mails, tailored towards their profile interests in hopes of landing a date with one of the women that we were talking with.

It didn’t seem to make a difference.

Out of those 540 e-mails that we sent out, we only received 7 responses. Let that sink in for a moment, because as we took tally of the responses we received on this site, we certainly had to take a moment in order not to just fall over and mourn the loss of all those hours.

This site didn’t get us a single offer to go out. It didn’t get us a single fling at all, and it certainly didn’t do anything for our confidence.

This site is among the worst of the worst, and the results don’t lie. It’s pretty obvious how bad it is, and the numbers paint a very good story of it.

Is iHookup.com Worth Your Time? Nope.

This site isn’t just spouting lies upon lies; it’s just empty, and it’s probably because everyone else that has signed up realized that iHookup scams were the only thing that this site was made of.

This site is nothing but a joke.

Unfortunately, we weren’t laughing when we were giving it a review. iHookup scams aren’t just the lies of the pseudoscience posted all over this site. The scams are far more elaborate than that, and aren’t just your garden variety cam girls trying to get you to click on their camera.

Some of these scammers actually take the time to flirt with you and woo you, only to try and snag your login information at the last minute. If they aren’t doing that, then they’re posing as administrators and trying to steal your info that way.

Either way, this site isn’t safe.

We felt like we were constantly looking over our shoulders on this site, and that didn’t make for a pleasant experience at all. That’s why we really couldn’t wait to be done with our review on here.

The End Result: Our Review of iHookup.com

iHookup is definitely a site that we don’t miss, and so it’s really safe to say that we’d never recommend it to another soul. This is a very unsafe site, and it’s just unpleasant to be on in general. We can’t imagine anyone having a fun, exciting fling courtesy of this dating site!

If you actually want a fling site that works, however, we highly suggest that you check out our number one pick, FuckBookNet.net. We’ve had nothing but good experiences there, and that’s saying something; we’re a picky bunch.

iHookup.com in the News

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Safe sex should be on your mind when you have a fling, even though iHookup isn’t going to mention it like this article does: http://voices.yahoo.com/condoms-condoms-condoms-myths-truths-safe-98527.html?cat=5

25 Responses to “Why iHookup.com Didn’t Make Our Top 5”

  1. Does anyone expect us to believe that iHookup.com is NOT a scam? I mean, come on now! That layout is the laziest thing I’ve ever seen in my whole life!

  2. This site is just pathetic in comparison to the other hookup sites I’ve been on, and I’ve been on some pretty shitty hookup sites. I mean, this is even worse than Craigslist.

  3. I review dating and hookup sites for a living, but I just couldn’t get into this one at all. I think it’s the layout, really – it makes me feel like it’s a scam from the get-go.

  4. I’m afraid to test out iHookup.com, because it just seems too good to be true. The layout seems a bit fishy, but I guess not all dating sites can be pretty, right?

  5. No good hookup site will look this crappy, just so you guys know. If you see something like this that’s so poorly considered, go ahead and move on to the next site.

  6. I am NEVER dating on iHookup.com again! The woman I met on here said that she was young and single, and it turns out that she was old and married! Ugh!

  7. I absolutely refuse to give this website a good rating – it deserves lower than a zero! There’s literally no real women on here that are even worth hooking up with at all.

  8. Black Turtle

    Don’t trust any review that you see from before 2013 for this site! All the bad comments have been deleted so it looks like the site is legit! Be careful, guys!

  9. Please, please tell me that iHookup.com is legit! I’m dying to meet a sexy woman to hook up with, no strings attached, but I just keep getting suckered into scam after scam.

  10. Hideous Breeze

    There’s no reason that sites like this should have any members. If you have any common sense at all, you can tell it’s a scam. The legit websites will have a much better design.

  11. Guys, iHookup.com is just a scam. I was a member for six months straight, created a perfect profile, and nobody ever responded to a single email I sent. What a waste.

  12. A comparison between this website and a garbage can would not be unwarranted. All the people on here are just that – total trash! Don’t waste your time with people like this!

  13. Crunchy Cute Jaguar

    I said that I wasn’t going to review this site. I told myself that no matter how mad it made me, I wouldn’t say anything. I’ll only say this – this site is a scam!

  14. I asked my friend to test out iHookup.com, and he said that it seemed pretty legit to him. I think I’m going to join really soon, and I hope I get laid fast!

  15. Reindeer Running

    There’s nothing good about this website. At all. The layout is insanely crappy, all the women are fake, and the site is overall just a huge sausage fest. Ugh, yawn.

  16. I gave up dating online because of iHookup.com. I thought I had met the woman of my dreams – she was beautiful, smart, funny, the whole deal! She scammed me out of so much money and we never hooked up.

  17. I don’t know that rating to give this website in my review since you can’t go into the negatives. All I can tell you guys is that this site ruined my life and got my identity stolen.

  18. Stringzumdom

    Every review from 2013 for this site that I saw said that it was great?uh, what happened? This site definitely isn’t good at all! Did they pay people off?

  19. Can anyone tell me if iHookup.com is legit? I want to meet a woman online and hook up fast – I don’t have time to be screwing around. I’ll sign up, but I’d better not get scammed.

  20. RhinoRhino

    Sites like this only have one goal – to scam you out of your money and personal information. Don’t fall prey to their tricks! I learned this one the hard way.

  21. I’m almost positive that iHookup.com is a scam. I’ve been on here for half a year now and haven’t gotten any responses to my messages, just an inbox full of spam.

  22. Any comparison I coud make is failing me right now. I’m just so disappointed in this site. I heard it was good, but in actuality it’s a total ghost town. It couldn’t get worse.

  23. Lovebird Gutsy

    I don’t want to give sites a negative review, but this was was so bad I can’t keep my mouth shut. I really hope nobody joins like I did, because it’s just a big hoax.

  24. My friend gave iHookup.com a test run a year ago and said that he didn’t have any luck, so I’m here to prove him wrong! He probably just wasn’t cute enough to meet any women.

  25. Kayzumlab

    Good luck getting laid on this site – I sure as hell couldn’t. I gave it a whole year, I was patient, and none of my efforts paid off. Don’t waste your time.


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