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This is the kind of site that makes people swear off online dating forever, and we really, really can’t blame them.

This is another site that we found to be just hilariously bad. It tries so, so hard to make it seem like it has a ton of members, but seriously? When it rotates through the same six profiles on the front page, we have some very big doubts about JustHookup.com.

This site is obviously a scam.

Ultimately, we can write this site off right from the get-go – or at least, we normally would, but for the sake of our JustHookup review, we kept going against our better judgment. This site is so obviously fake that it’s just enough to make us cringe. How many times have we seen those fake profile pics before, exactly?

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This site follows a model that many scam dating sites do, and that’s the whole “bait and switch” idea. They show you profile pics of people that are supposedly in your area, but in actuality, there’s no one near you that’s on this site at all. This is how they get more people to join… but if those people have brains, they definitely don’t stick around, considering how awful JustHookup.com really is.

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Our Results of Using JustHookup.com to Find Flings

We actually spent six months on this site, which is a pretty long time considering how awful it turned out to be. For the sake of our JustHookup review, however, we took the time in order to really get the most accurate results we good, all to make sure you had the full scoop on this website.

The scoop is that it’s crap.

We sent out 540 e-mails to women we found on here. We were here for six months, so that guaranteed us a lot of time to personalize these e-mails and really aim for an authentic dating experience.

Thing is, we never got a date.

Out of those 540 e-mails, we only received 3 responses the entire time that we were here. Yep, we were here for six months. Nope, no one seemed to pay us any mind.

That led us to believe that this site was even deader than we previously thought, and definitely full of more fakes than we could even process. It was absolutely pathetic that we couldn’t get anyone on here to talk to us, and it made us want to quit more than once.

This is the kind of disappointing scenario that you see more often than not, however, and it’s what puts so many men off of online dating. These kinds of scams are everywhere, and that’s why it’s important to always keep an eye out for them.

Is JustHookup.com Worth Your Time? Nope.

There are so many things about JustHookup.com that put us off of it, but the main problem is that it’s simply dead. There’s no point to even signing up when the site just doesn’t have enough active members to come close to justifying it, and that’s definitely the case here.

The whole site is a scam.

JustHookup scams are definitely a thing on this site, and by that, we mean the site is filthy with them. You can’t open up another profile without seeing another JustHookup scam staring you in the face, and that means that this site is just not worth your time on at least a dozen levels.

Finding a real woman on this site is nigh impossible. We’re pretty sure the e-mails we received in response were just from bots, because our review was exceptionally difficult when we had to message lots and lots of random “ladies.”

Scams don’t make a dating site work.

Between padded profiles and bots, this site tries to make it look like it’s active, but it’s far from it. It’s one of the worst we’ve ever tried, and we mean that.

The End Result: Our Review of JustHookup.com

This site is the worst of the worst, and there’s no way we could ever recommend JustHookup.com to anyone. This is the kind of site that makes people swear off online dating forever, and we really, really can’t blame them.

Rather than get discouraged with a site like this, we highly recommend that you check out a REAL fling site. Our number one pick is FuckBookNet.net due to its consistency and the safety of the site itself. It’s a lot of fun, and we’ve had nothing but good results when it comes to FuckBookNet.net.

JustHookup.com in the News

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25 Responses to “Why JustHookup.com Didn’t Make Our Top 5”

  1. I’m pretty sure that JustHookup.com is a scam. I don’t know, maybe I’m reading too much into it, but that homepage just makes it seem a little too good to be true.

  2. This website is terrible!! It pales in comparison to the legit websites, and falls flat on its face. Don’t use this website unless you want to get scammed out of all your money!

  3. Stray Massive Bull

    I told my friend that I would review this site for him, but god it’s really bad. I can’t even get past the homepage without laughing. It’s obviously a total fake.

  4. I want to test out JustHookup.com, but I can’t tell whether or not it’s a scam! I don’t know, the homepage doesn’t make it look too legit, but maybe it’s better once you join?

  5. Nathan Raving Wormwood

    This website is no good at all, let’s face the facts. I wasted two months on here trying to hook up and I am never coming back. This site is a scam!

  6. I’m done with online dating! JustHookup.com ruined my life! I met a “woman” on here, but she turned out to just be a creepy old man! I’m giving up for real this time!

  7. I can’t give this website a low enough rating! It’s pathetic that I even got suckered into making a profile on here. My friends warned me not to join, and man were they right.

  8. Temporary Pottery

    I can’t find any review earlier than 2013 for this website! So, either it’s new, or this site’s owners are going through other sites making sure that nobody says anything bad about them.

  9. Can anyone tell me whether or not JustHookup.com is legit? I don’t want to waste all my time on a scam site, but I do really want to join a site to get laid.

  10. Don’t ever trust sites like this! If they post user pictures on the homepage, then you should get out while you still can! It just shows that they don’t care about their users’ privacy at all.

  11. I’m going to tell you guys right now that JustHookup.com is a scam. I decided it’d be a good idea to make a profile on here – I was so wrong! I lost so much money and time.

  12. I’m no good at coming up with a witty comparison on the spot, so suffice it to say that this website sucks. There’s no way to really get laid on here, so don’t even bother.

  13. Can anyone find me a good review of this site? It looks really shifty to me and I want to read any reviews I can get my hands on before I commit myself to this.

  14. I normally test out dating sites for a month or so, but I’m worried about doing a trial run of JustHookup.com. It doesn’t seem like it’s legit, but maybe I’m too pessimistic.

  15. Los Hatchling

    If anyone thinks that this site is a good way to get laid, then come talk to me so I can laugh at you. You can’t meet any real women on here – they’re all bots!

  16. Dating is impossible with JustHookup.com, so don’t bother. All of these “local singles” aren’t real at all. Ugh, I’m so upset that I even signed up for this stupid site.

  17. Why does the rating system not go into the negatives? That’s what this website deserves! All of these women are fake, I’m so upset that I signed up at all!

  18. Donkey Tasty

    Don’t trust any review that you read from 2013. The website has been paying people off to say nice things about them! It’s pathetic that they had to resort to that.

  19. I really want JustHookup.com to be legit, but I’m just not sure. Most dating sites don’t put user pictures on the homepage, right? I’ll probably sign up anyway to be sure.

  20. Fox Maximum

    Sites like this make me ashamed to admit that I use dating sites. I don’t tell any of my friends because I’m so embarrassed. This website is a sad excuse for a hookup site.

  21. JustHookup.com is a scam, you guys! All the women on here just try to get you on other sites that you’ll have to pay a membership to use so they can get more of your money.

  22. I can’t believe that anyone thinks that this site is adequate in comparison to the big sites. The layout is terrible, the women are fake, and none of the profiles are complete.

  23. Indigo Warm Llama

    I wanted to review this site, but I couldn’t get further than the homepage. I don’t trust any website that has pics like this right away, and I feel like my computer’s going to get a virus.

  24. Valentine

    Has anyone given JustHookup.com a test run? Is it legit, or is it a scam? I really don’t want to end up wasting my time and mone on here, but I do want to get laid.

  25. Good riddance to this crappy excuse for a hookup site! I signed up three months ago, but I’m deleting my profile today. I’m going to hit up a better dating site instead.


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