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We can’t imagine a single woman who signed onto this site would stick around more than two seconds thanks to the front page alone.

How exciting. More fake, stolen pictures of girls in various sexual positions, with tanlined boobs and spread legs. That’s exactly what we wanted, LetsBang.com. Thank you!

These sites will never learn.

And that’s why we just have to bury our face into our hands at times. Sites like LetsBang.com immediately make it difficult to bring actual female members onto their website because they only advertise and reach out to men. We can’t imagine a single woman that signed onto this site would stick around more than two seconds because of how the front page alone looks.

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Posting lots of pictures (fake pics, we might add) of naked women is just going to annoy the ladies that come to these sites. Real women who want to have flings are fun, but they’re also classy. You get the goods when you meet up with them, not when you look at their online pics. Unfortunately, our LetsBang review made it obvious that the administrators of this site don’t know anything about that sort of thing.

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Our Results of Using LetsBang.com to Find Flings

We take our sweet time reviewing these kinds of sites, and LetsBang.com was no different. Our LetsBang review actually lasted for six months, and no matter how much we wanted to pull out our hair, we stuck with it in order to give you the most accurate results possible.

We know our numbers don’t lie.

We sent out 540 e-mails to the ladies we found on this website, all in hopes of getting them to meet up with us. The e-mails were personalized to their interests in hopes of making them realize that they weren’t spam e-mails; they were actual, authentic requests to get to know them and date them.

It didn’t change a thing.

Out of those 540 e-mails, we only received 22 responses. This is appalling, considering the fact we want at least a 50% turnover to even begin thinking that a site is worth a second glance.

Out of those 22 e-mails we received, we’re pretty sure most of them were spambots. We definitely didn’t get a single request to actually meet up and go on a date, so you can outright forget about an actual fling happening.

This sort of thing is entirely unacceptable, and it really made us realize that LetsBang.com just wasn’t up to snuff. It was a waste of our time, and it will be a waste of yours as well.

Is LetsBang.com Worth Your Time? Nope.

This site is just gross. There are a lot of reasons for that, but when a bunch of horny guys log on to a website and make faces at the pics that they post up, that’s just never a good sign.

This site needs a thorough cleaning.

Never mind that it’s full of fake profiles; the fakes that they’ve used are just disgusting. They’re old pictures of some really skanky girls, and hey, we’re all about ladies showing their stuff and strutting it about.

There’s a difference, however, between skank and sexy. These women resemble hookers more than anything, and if you actually look at some of the real profiles, it’s pretty clear that that’s all they’re after: your money.

That makes this site unsafe for flings.

If at any point a woman asks you for money, it’s a scam. If that’s the thing you need to remember, then realize that LetsBang scams are just all over the place, and that’s why this site is just a total waste of your time if you want to have an actual, legitimate fling.

The End Result: Our Review of LetsBang.com

There’s absolutely no way that we could ever recommend this site to you or to anyone. LetsBang scams are sort of a part of life on this website, and that means that you’re definitely not going to have anywhere close to a good time.

Rather than sit around and be miserable on this website, we highly suggest that you check out our number one fling dating site, FuckBookNet.net. Rather than taking you for a wild, useless ride, FuckBookNet.net actually delivers what it promises, and by that, we mean that it makes it incredibly easy to meet ladies and actually set up flings.

LetsBang.com in the News

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25 Responses to “Why LetsBang.com Didn’t Make Our Top 5”

  1. Oh my god, LetsBang.com is the most obvious scam I’ve ever seen. If you really want to waste your time and money, then go ahead and join. I’ll be on the sidelines watching.

  2. I couldn’t think of a funny comparison to use, but just know that this site is total crap. There isn’t a single real woman on here – come on, those are all obviously porn stars.

  3. Mink Circus

    I won’t review this wesite until it shapes up! I couldn’t even make it past the homepage, it was so bad. Call me when this site steps it up a notch and we’ll talk.

  4. Is LetsBang.com worth a test run? I don’t know, the women are definitely hot, but I can’t tell if they’re legit or not. I guess I’ll just have to sign up and see for myself.

  5. Rebel Lucky Fox

    No good hookup site is going to have a homepage like that, just saying. Pasting your “user’s” pictures up like that violates their privacy and is overall just really appalling.

  6. LetsBang.com made me give up online dating for good. The homepage led me to believe that I would meet a sexy woman, but everyone on here was just a massive disappointment.

  7. There isn’t a rating low enough to describe how I feel about this website! I tried to cheat on my wife using this site, and not only did I get caught, but I got my identity stolen!

  8. Stormy Dagger

    I left a review early on in 2013 for this site saying that it seemed good – I would like to retract that statement. This site is a scam, just like all the other hookup sites.

  9. I really hope that LetsBang.com is legit, because I want to get laid so bad! I’m no good at picking up women at bars, so this is my last chance to get lucky.

  10. Hidden Springbok

    I can’t believe that sites like this even exist. Come on, get a real job and a life and stop trying to scam hardworking people out of their money. This is disgusting.

  11. I’m calling it now – LetsBang.com is a scam. I was only on here for a few months, but in that time my inbox was always full of spam and no one talked to me.

  12. This website pales in comparison to any legit hookup site you’ll find online. I’m pissed that I joined and spent so much time creating a profile, because it was all for nothing.

  13. The Yellow Craw

    I review dating sites for a living these days, but this site really takes the cake. From the tit pics to the layout, this website just screams “fake” to me.

  14. I want to test out LetsBang.com, but I don’t want to end up getting scammed. I can’t find any reviews for this website, though, so I might just have to figure it out for myself.

  15. Fiend Dreaded

    I thought this site was going to be good! It turns out that this site is a scam and all the women on the homepage are just low-grade pornstars with fake tits. What a disappointment.

  16. I’m giving up dating on the internet right now. LetsBang.com was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Nothing like finding out the hot chick you’re messaging is actually an old man.

  17. Since I can’t give this website the negative rating that I want to give it, I’ll have to make do with this comment. Do not join this site unless you want scammed out of your money!

  18. Rare Screamy Sinner

    I think that every review from 2013 is fake?I don’t know, they just talk way too highly of the site to be legit. From what I’ve seen of this website, it’s not good at all.

  19. Dominick

    I’m pretty sure that LetsBang.com is legit, so I’m going to sign up today. These ladies are just too gorgeous to let go! I hope I find one just as hot as the ones on the homepage.

  20. Empire Lost

    Sites like this should be illegal! I spent so long on here making my profile perfect, and it turns out that none of the women on here are even real. I’m so upset!

  21. I refuse to believe that LetsBang.com is not a poorly disguised scam. My friend joined this site once and his identity got stolen. Don’t take the risk – go on a legit dating site instead!

  22. In comparison to the other sites I’ve been on, this one is a total crap heap. I like to go on here when I want to have a good laugh, but I’d never seriously consider joining.

  23. Maximum Bitter Donkey

    I never leave any sort of review for sites, but I just wanted to say that this website is dangerous. I was on here for a few weeks, and I got a lot of viruses in that time.

  24. I think I’m going to test out LetsBang.com and see if I can get lucky. I know some people have been saying that it’s a scam, but I’ve just got to see it for myself.

  25. Phys Lamhold

    Every review told me that I’d have good luck getting laid on this site – what a laugh! They must be paying people off, because I didn’t even get a single response to my messages!


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