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Seems active at first glance, but when you come down to it, it's just full of scammers.

Unfortunately, we run across sites that we feel really do try hard from time to time. The problem with xDating.com is that it seems to try, but it just doesn’t get anything done in the time that it spends trying.

This site is mostly pointless.

We’ve come to the conclusion that xDating.com tries, but there’s no evidence of the fruits of its labor. It’s not that hard to run a dating site. There’s a basic formula to follow, and we like to think that most people can figure it out and make a site work.

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Apparently, that’s just not the case with this one. During the extent of our xDating review, it became increasingly obvious that this site just decided to give up and flop on a bunch of different levels, and leave us really hanging when we wanted to just have fun and have a fling.

Our Results of Using xDating.com to Find Flings

We spend a lot of time reviewing our sites. In the case of our xDating review, it took us six months to compile all of our data in order to make sure it was completely accurate, and really reflected the correct results when it came to this site’s dating capabilities.

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The numbers were telling.

We sent out 540 e-mails during our six month stay at xDating.com, and it’s unfortunate that it didn’t really work out as well as we’d hoped. These e-mails weren’t spam at all; they were all specifically tailored towards these ladies in hopes of catching their eye and going out with them.

The end results weren’t very good.

Out of those 540 e-mails that we sent, we only received 199 responses. While that doesn’t seem so bad, we usually like at least 50% of a return, and obviously, our results ran just shy of that.

The real conclusions came when we saw that we only actually ended up with 2 women that actually wanted to meet up with us. When you’re on a fling site like this, you really actually want to…well, get out and have flings. None of these women seemed to want to make that happen.

It became even more apparent when only one woman actually showed up, and – you guessed it – it didn’t end up in her going out with us to our hotel. It was a waste of our time overall, and we really weren’t impressed.

Is xDating.com Worth Your Time? Nope.

It’s unfortunate, but we really didn’t have a good time on this site, no matter how much it tried to make it worth our while.

Lots of e-mails doesn’t mean that it meant anything.

We got a lot of responses, but none of these women actually wanted to go out with us. We had to sit back and wonder why, because this site does look fairly active. Unfortunately, it became increasingly apparent that this site was closer to an xDating scam than an xDating fling adventure.

This site, while it appears active at first glance, actually seems to have a great number of scammers all over it. The xDating scams we saw ranged from fake profiles to actual phishers and cam girls. These are the kinds of scams that will kill a site faster than anything, and it made it extremely difficult to try and get a date on here, let alone get laid.

Getting laid is the goal.

When you sign up for a fling site, you want it to work for you. Unfortunately, xDating made a lot of promises about how it would work, but none of that ever happened. That’s why this site just didn’t impress us in the slightest.

The End Result: Our Review of xDating.com

Unfortunately, we really didn’t like xDating.com. Mostly, it seemed to be a disappointment on every single level, as it promised quite a bit, and delivered on absolutely no levels for us.

Rather than waste your time on a website like this, we highly recommend that you check out our number one site, FuckBookNet.net. It’s consistent, easy, and fun to use, and that means that you’ll definitely end up getting laid if you play your cards right. There’s really no need to waste your time on a site that doesn’t work when good ones are right around the corner.

xDating.com in the News

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25 Responses to “Why xDating.com Didn’t Make Our Top 5”

  1. I’m pretty sure xDating.com is a scam. I’m not surprised tho. I though it was super shitty from the moment I loaded the page. Deleting my profile asap that’s for sure.

  2. I have used THOUSANDS of sites better than this one. Even the site that didn’t even allow me to message anyone was good in comparison to his trainwreck. Total waste of time.

  3. I’ve posted lots of reviews on dating sites in the past and I’ve got to say, this is not one of the better ones. I wish I had something else to say.

  4. I’m not entirely sold on xDating.com. It was recommended to me so I figured I should test it out but I’m still on the fence about it right now tbh.

  5. Eternal Cool Star

    Man, this site just isn’t very good. It has a very plain layout, not a lot of hot women and just really has no redeeming qualities so I have to rate it pretty low.

  6. Dating sites like xDating.com arethe reason that online daters get a bad reputation. What a shitty site and what a total waste of time. I’m so disappointed it isn’t even funny.

  7. Rating this site as low as possible is the nicest thing I’ll ever do for any prospective users of this site. Don’t waste your time and go somewhere that’ll actually get you laid.

  8. Ocelot Hidden

    I left a review here back before 2013 started and now I’m back, hoping I could change my low opinion. Can’t say that anything’s happened to made me change tho.

  9. I thought this xDating.com site would be legit but now that I’ve looked at it I’m not sure what to say. I won’t form an opinon until I use it but it’s not looking good.

  10. Red Edward Digger

    I’ve been pretty disappointed by sites like this in the past, but not as much as this one disappointed me. I’m definitely not using this one again, that’s for sure.

  11. Try and scam me out of money and see what happens, xDating.com. I’m never going to use this site again, I can promise you that. Trust me, don’t waste your time!

  12. This site is one of the worst I’ve used yet in comparison to others. Don’t have words for how disappointed I am. You’ll never catch me on here again and that’s a fact.

  13. Misty Koala

    I’ve left worse reviews than this one, but I’ve definitely left better too. Wish I had better things to say about this site but I just…dont. I’m going to use another site from now on.

  14. I heard about this xDating.com place through an ad on some other site…figured I’d test it out. It looks pretty plain but I haven’t really tried to meet anyone yet.

  15. Kit Endless

    I’ve used plenty of good sites in the past and I was hoping to have good things to say about this one but I have absolutely no praise to give this one.

  16. xDating.com doesn’t seem like a dating site. It semes like glorified personals ads and I’m not impressed in the slightest. There are a lot of improvements that could be made to this site.

  17. There isn’t a low enough rating POSSIBLE to tell you just how terrible this site is. I’ve used so many better ones and I’ll just go back to one of them.

  18. Grave Warm

    2013 hasn’t been a good year for me so I was hoping this site would be the one to change all that. I wanted to leave a good review but I just can’t.

  19. I’ve been on the hunt for a legit dating site and I came to xDating.com hoping it would be one. Here’s to hoping it is! I’m making my profile right now.

  20. Los Student

    I’ve used dozens of sites like these but tbh I’ve never used one this bad. I’m shocked this site has any profiles at all. Hell, maybe it doesn’t – they’re probably fake.

  21. xDating.com is probably one giant scam. I’m glad I got out of this terrible site while I could or else I’d probably end up $40 poorer or meeting up with some psycho.

  22. In comparison to all the other sites out there I have to say this is one of the most terrible ones I’ve ever had a profile on. I’m sorry I even wasted 5 minutes.

  23. Sweety Foal

    Sure, I’ll review this site. I’ll review it to tell everyone else that they’re probably better off using any other dating site they could possibly find over this one. Seriously.

  24. When I heard about xDating.com I decided I had to test it out. I try out tons of dating sites looking for the best one. Wait and see if I find it here!

  25. Squirrel Foxy

    I thought I was going to be good to go after I made a profile on this site but I was totally wrong. Everything about this site sucks so don’t bother.


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