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This entire site was a disappointment. Nothing here but fakes and wasted time.

The moment we hopped onto this site, we knew it was going to be a problem. Just one glance is all it takes with us, and with sites like xPersonals.com, they are, for better or for worse, giant, glaring problems that stare us in the face.

This site is nothing but fakes.

Whenever a site advertises a lot of profiles on the front page, it’s usually an indicator that these are fake, rotated profiles that they have up just to try and convince people to join. That’s definitely the case on xPersonals.com, because if you refresh, the names and pics will often switch and change between them.

Fling Dating Scam Alert img

These profiles will also change location depending on what the site reads your IP address to be closest to. This means that this site is little more than an xPersonals scam, and that’s why we took the time to really dig into it when it came to our xPersonals review. We just couldn’t let this sort of thing slide when we have guys like you trying to have a fun time on their flings.

Our Results of Using xPersonals.com to Find Flings

xPersonals.com Screenshot img

We spend a lot of time when it comes to reviewing these websites, because we really believe that time yields the best results. In the case of our xPersonals review, it was a six month trial period that we really dug into in order to get the most accurate numbers we possibly could.

These numbers are very telling.

With the time we spent on this site, we quickly saw results. We sent out 540 e-mails over the span of those six months, and it was pretty obvious from the get-go that we’d have to put a lot of effort into our e-mails to make these ladies take notice.

Unfortunately, it didn’t make a difference.

Out of those 540 e-mails, we only received 156 responses. This is well below our minimum desired rate of 50% return, and this made us immediately quite wary of this site.

It became even more obvious that this site just wasn’t working for us, because we only had a single woman try and set up a date with us. You guessed it: she didn’t even show, which made our entire trial period entirely useless.

This entire site was a disappointment. Considering we hopped onto xPersonals in order to hookup and have a fun fling, there’s no doubt in our minds that many other people have been just as disappointed as us in the past.

Is xPersonals.com Worth Your Time? Nope.

xPersonals scams are just a thing. That’s all this site is made up of, and that actually makes it a little difficult to even delve into the nitpicky parts of the sites that make it especially awful to use and deal with.

This site is nothing but fakes.

It’s a haven for them, actually. The moment you access this site, you’re bombarded by pictures of pretty ladies that are actually stolen profile pics from other sites. If they aren’t stolen profile pics, then they might be recycled pictures from other users, and that makes this site especially skeevy for doing that.

You’re really not going to see a single real lady on this entire site. It begs the question of why anyone would bother using this site if you just aren’t going to end up meeting any real women, because they definitely aren’t here.

This site lies to you.

It changes locations depending on where you are, and that can be extremely deceiving to users that just aren’t familiar with it. All we can suggest is that you use caution when accessing this site, but really, it isn’t worth your time anyway.

The End Result: Our Review of xPersonals.com

We can really and safely say that xPersonals.com isn’t a site that you need to waste your time with. If anything, this is a site that deserves a bit of an eye-rolling situation amongst you and your friends, because it’s obviously full of fakes and makes absolutely no attempt to hide it.

Rather than waste your time spinning your wheels on a site that’s laughably bad, we highly suggest that you check out FuckBookNet.net, our number one site for fling dating. It’s our number one because it works, not because it jerks you around, and there’s definitely something for everyone on a site like FuckBookNet.net.

xPersonals.com in the News

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25 Responses to “Why xPersonals.com Didn’t Make Our Top 5”

  1. Just load up xPersonals.com and tell me it doesn’t look like the most poorly disguised scam you’ve ever seen. Just look at it and try and say that. Oh yeah. You can’t.

  2. I’ve been on some pretty shitty dating sites in my time but never one as bad as this. The girls on here aren’t as hot in comparison to others either.

  3. Dusty Cobra

    This won’t be the harshest review I’ve ever written but it definitely isn’t the greatest…this site doesn’t really have any redeeming qualities imo. It has a long way to come before it’s worthwhile.

  4. Well, I’m here because I decided to listen to everyone who told me to test out xPersonals.com. The site doesn’t look like much but appearances can be deceiving! We’ll see.

  5. Intense Honey

    I’m pretty sure this one should take a leaf out of all the other good dating sites’ books and learn how to make itself look like it’s worth anyone’s time.

  6. xPersonals.com is probably one of the worst dating sites I’ve used. I’m pretty sure the profiles are fake and that pisses me off a lot. I want women, not robots.

  7. I’m going to give this site a low rating. These profiles aren’t real. They say “couple” and then only show one picture. C’mon, they’re not even trying to make this look real.

  8. Sweet Canary

    I’ve used a few dating sites so far in 2013 and I haven’t been too impressed with any of them. Lots of bad reviews, lots of regret. That’s been the situation on every site.

  9. I wish legit sites weren’t so hard to find. I’m making a profile on xPersonals.com but I’m just not sure what to think as of right now…hopefully it ends up working.

  10. Donkey Fast

    Sites like this give dating sites a bad name. This is not a dating site, it’s a hastily thrown-together attempt to waste everyone’s time. I wish I’d never made a profile.

  11. It says it’s free but I bet there’s a scam in there somewhere. There always is and I doubt xPersonals.com is any different. I’ve yet to find a dating site that is.

  12. This site SUCKS. Even the worst one I’d used before this seems really great in comparison. Don’t waste your time. Close the window and go somewhere else now without a second thought.

  13. Otter Tainted

    Guess I’ll review this one. I don’t normally post these bc I feel like you shouldn’t talk if there’s nothing nice to say. This site just isn’t very good tho…

  14. I heard about xPersonals.com from a friend so I figured there couldn’t be any harm in testing it out. Well, no harm done but I’m not sure about the site to be honest…

  15. Maximum Froglet

    I just don’t have anything good to say. There’s nothing redeeming about the site. It says it’s free and that’s for a good reason. It’s not worth anyone’s time, let alone money.

  16. xPersonals.com isn’t even a dating site! It’s just a collection of lonely guys and fake profiles. Not a single real, hot woman anywhere at all. I’m really disappointed to say the least.

  17. Augustus

    On a 5-star rating scale, this deserves NEGATIVE stars. It’s the WORST dating or hookup site I’ve ever used and I’m sorry I wasted teh hour it took me to eralize how terrible it was.

  18. Dromedary Seriously

    2013 has been a decent year for me, I guess. I’m leaving yet another review on a dating site, so I guess it hasn’t been TOO good…this site certainly didn’t help, that’s for sure.

  19. I’ve been trying so hard to find a legit site and I’m hoping xPersonals.com is one. I have a profile but I haven’t tried to message any women yet, so we’ll see.

  20. Heavy Angry Sun

    Sites like this are just about to make me give up on dating. It isn’t working in real life and it isn’t working online – what is there left to try?

  21. xPersonals.com tells you everywhere on the site that it’s free…that sounds pretty appealling. Not every scam involves money, tho, so I decided not to use it at all just to be safe.

  22. In comparison to all the other sites I’ve used this one is really bad. Bad layout, not very many hot women…everything that could be wrong is wrong.

  23. Villain Solid

    Leaving a review for this site really quick…it’ll be short tho since I don’t have anything good to say. I’m not very impressed with this one…have to say you’re better off going somewhere else.

  24. Test it out, I told myself. It can’t be that bad, I convinced myself. Well, I was wrong. xPersonals.com really is as bad as it looks. I won’t be wasting my time here anymore.

  25. Freaky Mini Tumbler

    Good sites don’t have to advertise “FREE” on every possible spot on the site to ry and convince you they’re good. This one does. I don’t care if it’s free, it sucks.


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