Three Essentials for a Sex Dungeon

If you really want to kick your game up a notch, then you have to invest in a sex dungeon. Now, you don’t need to have a literal dungeon for this – your room will work just fine. Not only can your room do perfectly, but you can also hide away your sexy supplies in your bedroom. Most people won’t be barging in there for no good reason, so keep the kinky stuff in there. If you really want to commit to having a full-on sex dungeon, though, there are three things you have to invest in. Sex Swing “A sex swing will give her extra sexual pleasure” This one’s only for the very committed, because it definitely isn’t easy to take down and set back up. You have to install hooks on your ceiling, and unless you just conveniently have one corner of the room dedicated to pot plants, it’s going to seem fishy if you have visitors. Installing a sex swing will show her that you’re serious about sex, but it also means that you can’t have random visitors coming in. The sex swing is the perfect tool to get you deeper than you ever imagined and to make yourself seem larger than life while keeping her in…

How to Make a Woman Feel Special without Saying a Word

“Be a gentleman” The secret to making any woman desire you, is to make her feel as special as possible. The more you can make a woman feel desired and special, the more she is willing to do just about anything you want to do. This is why you will need to master the art of turning her on without ever saying a word. This involves making sure you know what you are doing when you are around her, touching her the right ways and maintaining eye contact whenever possible. This will all show her just how special you think she is and it will encourage her to show you just what she wants to do with you. Know What You Are Doing When You Are around Her Women feel special when a man acts like a gentleman around her. Even if she is interested in only having a sexual relationship with you, it does not mean you don’t need to hold her door and treat her with respect outside of the sheets. Make sure you are displaying your confidence in your ability to act like a man and treat her like a lady. If you don’t appear as if you are feigning being a gentleman, she will respond. This…

Getting Kinky with Your Fling

“You should try new sex moves with her” If you’re the type of guy who wants to try new things in the bedroom, having a fling with a beautiful woman who’s into things a little more on the wild side can be the answer to all your prayers. Everyone out there has some type of sexual fantasy. We know you probably do and most of the women you’re seeing are probably harboring a deep desire for something a little more adventurous. Many men think the only way they can push the envelope and explore kinks is when they’re in a committed relationship and that’s just not the case. With the right attitude and sexually open partner, the possibilities for all the kinky things you can try are endless. Trying New Things with Someone Entirely New “Share your favorite sexual fantasies” The allure of trying out kinky new sexual experienceswith a casual fling is that everything about it is new. Whereas with most couples who try out new sexual experiences have been together for a while and decide to try something new, things will be different for you. You might not have known the girl for long, but you can fulfill tons of sexual fantasies you’ve always had with each other…


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