How to Please a Hipster

Hipster woman are one of the quickest growing demographics for women in the country. Though hipsters have a wide variety of beliefs, they all dress similarly enough for you to be reasonably confident that you have found one. You don’t have to be a hipster yourself to appreciate the appeal of these women. So here are some tips for the non-hipster on how to catch and keep the eye of a pretty little hipster thing today. Scruff Up Your Looks You don’t have to be a hipster to attract a hipster, but it doesn’t hurt to appeal to what she likes. Don’t start wearing all plaid, though. Plaid is a big clich

Going Bare: The Best Ways to Take a Nude Pic

Most men familiar with the world of Internet dating are aware that competition is generally pretty fierce. Online dating websites tend to have a much higher ratio of men than women. This means that for us, it’s important to step up our game. Depending on what exactly you’re looking to find through a dating website, there are a number of different tactics you can use to improve your chances. If you’re not all that interested in a relationship but you’d love to be able to score a one night hookup with a woman you meet online a good tactic to try is taking and sending nude pics. This tactic doesn’t come without a little risk, however. Obviously, nude pics aren’t going to improve your case if you don’t have the greatest body. There are other things that can make or break your nude photos, too. Read on for our list of tricks on how to take an awesome nude photo. No Selfies if You Can Help It Extending your arm up as high as you can and taking a picture of your nude self is lazy. Also, it’s not going to present your body in the best light. If you’re going to take a nude pic for the ladies online,…

Discover the Secret of Light Bondage: Why Whips and Chains May Be Too Much

“This soft hand cuff will not harm her” If you want to turn a woman on, you need to be adventurous with her. This can include some light bondage. It is important to know the difference between light bondage and full on BDSM. While she will get excited about a blindfold, tossing in a ball gag will be just way too much. Be smart about what you are introducing into her world to make sure you are getting the kind of response you are looking for. You can try some light spanking, tying her up and blindfolding her, but always be mindful of how she is reacting. If at any time she is uncomfortable, it is time to stop what you are doing and calm her down. Spank Her Lightly A little light spanking can turn any girl on. Remember, this is not throwing her over your lap and spanking her like an errant child. This is spanking her during sex or as she is going down on you. It should be playful and hard enough to let her know she is being spanked, but not so hard it is going to hurt her. The object is not to punish her, but to let her know you are being playful…


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