Why You Should Sext Her

“Sexting – It is for every age” Sexting seems like such a juvenile thing to do – come on, isn’t it just for horny teenagers? Honestly, though, sexting is becoming a common practice for people in all walks of life and isn’t any more immature than sending her off to work with a dirty message in her lunch. In fact, it’s way more effective because you two can keep the conversation going easily. Combine a good sexting session with some illicit photos for her to view in private and you’ll have some great sex waiting for you when you get home. Let Her Know She’s on Your Mind “Text her even when you are busy” Sending her a dirty little text during the day (even while she’s at work) tells her that you just can’t stop thinking about her. If you’re at work, it says that you’ve been so hung up on her that you had to risk getting caught to send her a horny message. If you can sneak away to the bathroom during a break and get a good dick pic for her, then it’ll be even better. Keep the conversation up all day and make her feel specialbecause you’re putting so much at risk. Just don’t get…

Pickup Lines That Really Work

“Your dress is sexy” Pickup lines originated from somewhere right? They’re really just the right combinations of the right words to say to a woman. Once you’ve got the magic combo then bam, you’re neck-deep in a conversationwith the hottie of your choice. Unfortunately for pickup lines, they’ve been slandered by such monsters as, “Are your parents drug dealers? Because you’ve got some great crack.” However, there are still some gems out there that will actually help you out. The key to a good pickup line is to not make it a line. It’s all got to be about confidence, compliments, and cunning. “Your eyes are so beautiful, are those contact lenses?” “Your eyes are so beautiful and attractive” This works because you’re noticing a feature about her that is very personal and women love to hear. They really love to be complimented on their eyes because it’s a cheesy thing they do in romance movies, and who doesn’t want to be in one of those, right? Sarcasm, fellas, sarcasm. But the whole point is she’ll like it. “I didn’t want to tell you this, but they might ask you to leave soon…” “…because you’re making all the other girls look bad.” At first you’ll probably freak her out a…

Charming Her When She’s with Friends

“Buy her a drink” When you really want to make a good first impression with that beautiful woman you’ve spotted eating dinner with her friends, the first thing you should do is pour on the charm. Women love men who flatter them in front of their friends, and most importantly, they love having a man they can bring over. The next time you are out at the bar having a drink while watching the game and you see a woman that you’d like to get to know, use some of the tips to make sure that you leave with her phone number. Even if you don’t get her number, you may end up getting one of her friend’s numbers. Show Off The first step to charming a woman in front of her friends is similar to the same thing you would do if you wanted to buy her a drink. However, you are going to take it a step further than that. While you still want to buy her a drink, you also want to pay for her meal. Make sure you take a quick glance of what she’s eating. You don’t want to end up paying a small fortune for her food, after all. Once you have decided to…


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