What to Do When She’s Messy

“She needs some help to clear this mess” If you’ve ever had the displeasure of hooking up with a woman only to discover that she lives like a complete slob, you might find yourself a lot less turned on than you were before you got there. When we say messy, we don’t mean someone having a sink full of dirty dishes. What we mean is complete and utter chaos throughout the entire house, which sends even the most open-minded man running away. Though it’s hardly ever talked about, women can definitely be extremely messy. We’re not even going to put it lightly. Women can be complete slobs, and their filthy homes can be a huge turnoff, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t date a messy woman. All you really need to do is trick her into cleaning before you get there. Make Her Miss Out “Invite her to your place and show her how clean it is” One of the best ways to trick a woman into cleaning is by mentioning how you wanted to do something special at her place, but decided not to because you thought it would be an inconvenience to her. You want to make sure when you tell her this, you seem extremely sincere…

The Top Three Sex Locations in Your House

“Kitchen – The best place to have sex” Are you getting tired of the bedroom? Don’t worry, plenty of couples find that their sex life seems to fizzle out when they stick to doing the dirty exclusively between the sheets. There’s passion to it, but there’s no danger or adventure, and it gets boring. Spice things up a bit without ever leaving the house by trying out one of these three amazing spots for your next encounter. Washing Machine Typically this machine is used for getting things clean, but it’s also a convenient place to get down and dirty with your girlfriend. Use either the washer or the dryer (the dryer tends to rock more), and either place her on top of it or bend her over it. The vibrations of the machine will shoot right to her core, and with you thrusting it’ll be too much for her to take. This spot isn’t for using all the time, but it’s good when you want to surprise her in the middle of the day. So, not only can you get some chores done around the house – you can have fun while you do it. Kitchen Counter If you want her to know that you just can’t wait to get…

Pickup Lines That Really Work

“Your dress is sexy” Pickup lines originated from somewhere right? They’re really just the right combinations of the right words to say to a woman. Once you’ve got the magic combo then bam, you’re neck-deep in a conversationwith the hottie of your choice. Unfortunately for pickup lines, they’ve been slandered by such monsters as, “Are your parents drug dealers? Because you’ve got some great crack.” However, there are still some gems out there that will actually help you out. The key to a good pickup line is to not make it a line. It’s all got to be about confidence, compliments, and cunning. “Your eyes are so beautiful, are those contact lenses?” “Your eyes are so beautiful and attractive” This works because you’re noticing a feature about her that is very personal and women love to hear. They really love to be complimented on their eyes because it’s a cheesy thing they do in romance movies, and who doesn’t want to be in one of those, right? Sarcasm, fellas, sarcasm. But the whole point is she’ll like it. “I didn’t want to tell you this, but they might ask you to leave soon…” “…because you’re making all the other girls look bad.” At first you’ll probably freak her out a…


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