How to Make a Woman Feel Special without Saying a Word

“Be a gentleman” The secret to making any woman desire you, is to make her feel as special as possible. The more you can make a woman feel desired and special, the more she is willing to do just about anything you want to do. This is why you will need to master the art of turning her on without ever saying a word. This involves making sure you know what you are doing when you are around her, touching her the right ways and maintaining eye contact whenever possible. This will all show her just how special you think she is and it will encourage her to show you just what she wants to do with you. Know What You Are Doing When You Are around Her Women feel special when a man acts like a gentleman around her. Even if she is interested in only having a sexual relationship with you, it does not mean you don’t need to hold her door and treat her with respect outside of the sheets. Make sure you are displaying your confidence in your ability to act like a man and treat her like a lady. If you don’t appear as if you are feigning being a gentleman, she will respond. This…

Going Bare: The Best Ways to Take a Nude Pic

Most men familiar with the world of Internet dating are aware that competition is generally pretty fierce. Online dating websites tend to have a much higher ratio of men than women. This means that for us, it’s important to step up our game. Depending on what exactly you’re looking to find through a dating website, there are a number of different tactics you can use to improve your chances. If you’re not all that interested in a relationship but you’d love to be able to score a one night hookup with a woman you meet online a good tactic to try is taking and sending nude pics. This tactic doesn’t come without a little risk, however. Obviously, nude pics aren’t going to improve your case if you don’t have the greatest body. There are other things that can make or break your nude photos, too. Read on for our list of tricks on how to take an awesome nude photo. No Selfies if You Can Help It Extending your arm up as high as you can and taking a picture of your nude self is lazy. Also, it’s not going to present your body in the best light. If you’re going to take a nude pic for the ladies online,…

First Contact: Sending Her a Private Message

You only have one chance to make a first impression. Why mess things up with a hot woman just because you fell into one of the common first message problems? These dos and don’ts will let you send a successful message and get the woman of your dreams to message you back. Do * Read her profile before you send her a message. * Include something that proves that you’ve read her profile. * Ask her about her interests or ask her for clarity in something she said in her profile. * Be polite. This is the most obvious one of all, but not all guys actually follow it. * Include a little bit about yourself, but not a novel. If she says that she’s been learning German as a fun second language and you happen to speak German, maybe include a couple German sentences saying that you wouldn’t mind helping her with her spoken or written grammar. * Make the message interesting. Cover a variety of topics quickly, or focus on one for a more in-depth message. You should be sending out a message of at least 100 words, but no more than 300. Give her something to reply to. Don’t * Open with a dick pic. You’re very…


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