Three Easy Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life

All romances have a honeymoonperiod, which means that all relationships stagnate. In a world of happy couples, it’s easy to feel left out if you’re going through a rough patch. If that’s the case, an easy fix is to spice up your sex life. Over half of all relationships that fail did so because of the quality of the sex. Don’t let your romance die that easily – these three simple fixes will please any woman in the bedroom. Toys “A nice vibrator or dildo gives her extra sexual pleasure” If you haven’t used any toys on her in bed, then you’re missing out. These little babies pack a punch between the sheets, and she’ll be squirming under you in no time. A lot of men consider it an insult to their sexual prowess, but that isn’t it at all. Sex toys are designed to stimulate those hard-to-reach places that you might not be hitting or playing with while you’re going at her. Speaking of which, if you find it hard to play with her clit during sex, which might be the issue right there. Buy her a clit massager to use while you’re screwing and watch her pleasure heighten instantly. For foreplay, pick up a nice vibrator or dildo…

So She’s Married, Now What?

When you’re just hooking up with women, then their marital status probably isn’t of much consequence to you. Unless your morals tell you not to, it isn’t a big issue to have one fun night and then be done with it. Once you take that next step and start dating her, though, it’ll really put a damper on things if you find out she’s married. It doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the relationship, but it does mean that you can choose one of these three options. Move On Obviously, the easiest option here is to give up while you’re still ahead. Her husband hasn’t found out, you two aren’t too serious yet, and if she’s keeping secrets like her being married then it’s probably a bad sign anyway. At this point, you can get out scot-free and move on to other, more single women. This is the best choice if you aren’t attached yet, but things don’t always work out that way. It’s okay – you don’t have to ditch her if you don’t want to. There are still two more options. Keep It Quiet “Don’t reveal your relationship secrets” If you’re a good secret keeper, then you can try keeping the relationship quiet. If she’s cheating with you,…

Ice Breakers Made Easy: Pop Culture

The ice breaker is the hardest and most crucial part of your first impression. You don’t want to go with something strange, and you don’t want to ruin things by picking something that’s not going to interest her. Stick with pop culture, and you should be able to get at least a passing conversation from any girl. Watch TV dramas When it comes to pop culture, it changes really fast. However, it’s easy to stay up to date on it with minimal work. If you’re looking for a great overview of pop culture with a classy twist, just listen to the weekly NPR podcast, “Pop Culture Happy Hour.” Otherwise, stay up with the top media outlets: movies, music, and TV. If you hear about the “must watch” show this season, plunk yourself down for an hour a week and watch it. Obviously, this isn’t the TV show that you hear about from media sources. Keep your ears open in public and you’ll be able to hear which shows are doing well with the general public. If you’ve got a short drive to work, try listening to your local Top 40 station a few days a week. Even if it’s not your kind of music, you should be able to get…

Friends with Benefits: Why She May Not Want a Relationship

One of the mistakesa lot of guys make is the assumption every woman they meet is looking for a steady relationship. This is a problem because when you make this assumption you start approaching women in the wrong way. You need to keep in mind while not all women want to have sex all the time, it does not mean they want to have a relationship either. This is when you can develop a very worthwhile friends-with-benefits (FWB) relationship with her. Of course, you may need to know the signs to look for: career, previous relationships and age. This will help you to know if it is possible to have a FWB relationship without ever having to go through the awkward stage of asking. Know Her Career Status “She might be serious about her career” Women looking to advance in their career may not want a relationship to get in the way. This is because if they are tied down in a steady relationship, it could stop them from making a spur of the moment decision to move to another state, or another country to further the career. If she is serious about her career, and she has a good one to be serious about, a FWB relationship may just…

Bring Her a Bottle of Wine: How to Choose the Wine for a Dinner Date

“Red wine – The best wine for any kind of heavy meal” When you are showing up to a girl’s house for a dinner date, it is a good idea to bring a bottle of wine with you. After all, she is doing all the hard work of making the food, the least you could do is pony up the cash to buy something nice to drink with it. Even if you are not a wine guy, it is possible for you to buy a good wine for dinner. There are just a few things to keep in mind when you are perusing the aisles at the liquor store: what is for dinner, the temperature outside and where you will be eating dinner. All of this will help you to choose the right wine and will allow you to look like a real gentleman for bringing something to the table. What Is For Dinner? “You can pair white wine with fish” The kind of food you are going to have is a very important in terms of what kind of wine you buy. Red wine is good for any sort of meal. If she is making anything with red meat, you should buy red wine. If she is making fish…


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