The Top Three Sex Locations in Your House

“Kitchen – The best place to have sex” Are you getting tired of the bedroom? Don’t worry, plenty of couples find that their sex life seems to fizzle out when they stick to doing the dirty exclusively between the sheets. There’s passion to it, but there’s no danger or adventure, and it gets boring. Spice things up a bit without ever leaving the house by trying out one of these three amazing spots for your next encounter. Washing Machine Typically this machine is used for getting things clean, but it’s also a convenient place to get down and dirty with your girlfriend. Use either the washer or the dryer (the dryer tends to rock more), and either place her on top of it or bend her over it. The vibrations of the machine will shoot right to her core, and with you thrusting it’ll be too much for her to take. This spot isn’t for using all the time, but it’s good when you want to surprise her in the middle of the day. So, not only can you get some chores done around the house – you can have fun while you do it. Kitchen Counter If you want her to know that you just can’t wait to get…

Poaching a Woman in a Relationship

If you’ve got your eye on a woman who already has a boyfriend don’t worry. There are things you can do to get her on your side without having to confront the boyfriend. All it takes is a little knowledge of their relationship, a little patience, and putting on the pressure at the right instant. Follow these three steps, and you’ll have poached the woman of your dreams for a hookup, one night stand, fling, or even a relationship of your own. Step One: Find the Weak Spot No relationship is perfect. The first step to this plan is to find the place where her current relationship leaves her unfulfilled. Maybe her boyfriend is a great provider, but he never wants to listen to her talk about her coworkers. Maybe they have a great romantic relationship at home, but he never takes her anywhere. Whatever the weakness is, hone in on it until you know exactly what she wants from a man that she’s not getting from her relationship. This will be your ammunition in the war to come. If possible, try to find two or three of these. The more flaws the relationship has and the bigger they are the easier it will be to exploit them and get…

Dressing Up: Preparing for a Nice First Date

The hardest part about dating women you’ve met online is that you’re working with no personal face-to-face foundation. Physical impressions are even more important because of this. If you’ve met a woman through an online dating website and you’ve agree to meet up for a date, it’s important that you consider how you want to look. This is the first time she’s going to see you in person and you want to send the right message with your appearance. This is especially true if you’ve agreed to use an upscale restaurant or bar for your first date. If you’re in a quandary about how to prepare for a nice date you can relax and read on. All the information you need we’ve made into a helpful little list. Never Underestimate the Power of Grooming and Cleanliness Maybe you rock the scruff all year round and you know you look good in it. If you’re really interested in this woman, however, you might consider the clean-shaven look just for one night. Whether or not to keep the facial hair can depend on what she likes. Sound her out beforehand and get her opinion and then groom accordingly. Or, surprise her with a clean face anyways. If your hair is getting a…


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