Three Subtle Ways to Give Her Your Number

“Try to add your phone number into her phone book” When you’re trying to hook up, the hardest thing to do is giving any woman your number. Not only is it mortifying for you, but also a lot of women think it’s presumptuous to go around handing out your number. In this day and age, you’re more likely to get a woman who either halfheartedly accepts to be polite or one that outright turns you down. So, instead of being upfront about it, you need to come up with a more clever approach. These three subtle ways of giving out your digits will work every time. “I Lost My Phone” “Can I use your phone?” People are generally more than willing to help out a person in need, especially when their cell phone has gone missing. Even if the thing is sitting safe and sound in your pocket, act like it’s nowhere to be found. If you’ve been chatting up a gorgeous woman, ask her politely if she’d call your phone so you can find it. She’ll most likely agree, and then you get an excuseto give her your number without forcing her to add it into her phone book. It’s just a nice little resource for her to have…

First Contact: Sending Her a Private Message

You only have one chance to make a first impression. Why mess things up with a hot woman just because you fell into one of the common first message problems? These dos and don’ts will let you send a successful message and get the woman of your dreams to message you back. Do * Read her profile before you send her a message. * Include something that proves that you’ve read her profile. * Ask her about her interests or ask her for clarity in something she said in her profile. * Be polite. This is the most obvious one of all, but not all guys actually follow it. * Include a little bit about yourself, but not a novel. If she says that she’s been learning German as a fun second language and you happen to speak German, maybe include a couple German sentences saying that you wouldn’t mind helping her with her spoken or written grammar. * Make the message interesting. Cover a variety of topics quickly, or focus on one for a more in-depth message. You should be sending out a message of at least 100 words, but no more than 300. Give her something to reply to. Don’t * Open with a dick pic. You’re very…


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