The Top Three Sex Locations in Your House

“Kitchen – The best place to have sex” Are you getting tired of the bedroom? Don’t worry, plenty of couples find that their sex life seems to fizzle out when they stick to doing the dirty exclusively between the sheets. There’s passion to it, but there’s no danger or adventure, and it gets boring. Spice things up a bit without ever leaving the house by trying out one of these three amazing spots for your next encounter. Washing Machine Typically this machine is used for getting things clean, but it’s also a convenient place to get down and dirty with your girlfriend. Use either the washer or the dryer (the dryer tends to rock more), and either place her on top of it or bend her over it. The vibrations of the machine will shoot right to her core, and with you thrusting it’ll be too much for her to take. This spot isn’t for using all the time, but it’s good when you want to surprise her in the middle of the day. So, not only can you get some chores done around the house – you can have fun while you do it. Kitchen Counter If you want her to know that you just can’t wait to get…

Bragging: Will It Make You Look Good or Come Back to Bite You?

“You will look more confident and successful in front of your friends” It’s normal to want to brag a little when something goes your way. It’s a remnant of a childhood sense of superiority, and there’s nothing wrong with that. As long as you aren’t acting immature about it, a little good-natured boasting isn’t too bad. If you win a contest, you want people to know. If you get that promotion at work, you’re going to want to tell your friends. When you take a beautiful woman home, it’s only natural to want to tell your friends. Especially if they know her (or at the very least, have seen her before), it’s going to be hard to resist letting them all know exactly what she was like in bed when you took her home. The question is, should you really be bragging? On one hand, it’ll make you look great in front of your friends but on the other hand, it could end up coming back to bite you if you should ever want to sleep with that woman or any of her friends again. The Pros It might make you look great in front of your friends, depending on the type of friends you have. If you’re not being…

Approaching Women in a Bar: Ditch the Cheesy Pickup Lines

“Be confident while talking to her” Meeting women in a bar is one of the most difficult ways tomeet women. This is because women rarely go to a bar alone. When they are at the bar, they are on the lookout for cheesy guys trying to hit on them and they are leery whenever a guy does not live up to her expectations. This is why cheesy pickup lines need to be scrapped right from the get-go. This is nothing more than a lame way to try and get her to crack a smile and it does not work anymore. Rather than opening up with asking to buy her a drink, Introduce yourself, ask if she minds if you sit down and start talking to her about something real. This will engage her, get her interested in getting to know you and actually want to keep you around for a little while. You will have much better luck than something out of a Vaudeville act. Introduce Yourself When you walk up to a woman, smile at her and just introduce yourself. Tell her your name and ask what her name is. This will establish right off the bat that you are different from 90% of the guys trying to talk…


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