Three Signs She Wants More than a One-Night Stand

“Will you marry me?” One-night stands are a guy’s best option for quick, easy sex. There are plenty of women out there who don’t want anything more than a night of steamy fun, and those are the women you need to go after if you want to avoid the trap of commitment. How do you find a woman who wants what you do, though? It’s easy. Pay attention to clues she’s giving.If you see any of these warning signs, she wants more than a one-night stand. How She Talks “She cares about your interests” This is your biggest clue that she might be looking for a little more than the quick no strings attached one-night stand you’re looking for. Even paying attention to how much she talks in addition to the actual things she says is a big indicator. Women who just want to hook up for the night and have a little fun aren’t going to want to get to know you. They don’t care about your interests, what your education level is, or how your last relationship ended. They want to know how soon you can meet them somewhere for a hookup and how little drama you’re going to cause after the fact. If the woman you’re talking…

Look Good in Winter Clothes

For some reason wintertime seems to make it alright for people to start sporting their Grandma’s knitting line exclusively. Knotted wool hats, crooked scarves, and awkward mittens are never okay to wear, even if they seem functional. You are not a grandma’s boy; you are a classy guy who wears clothes that actually look good. Even if you’re not sure what that means, you’re going to have to do it to stand out from yarn-wrapped popsicles out there. Hats “A hat will make you look insanely hot” Hats are ideal for keeping your head warm. They can also look good. To get the two worlds to meet, try wearing (store bought) beanies and wool caps. Avoid wearing anything that a family member or friend made you (unless they are actually good at making this shit), ear muffs, or anything with a pompom. Leather Leather is the cool-guy material that’s perfect for the cold weather. Jackets and shoes are the prime piece of clothing for leather. While it may technically work, leather pants look a little dated and can’t be layered as easily. When you’re buying a jacket or pair of shoes, you want to actually spend a decent amount of money on it and then take care of it. Water…

Bring Her a Bottle of Wine: How to Choose the Wine for a Dinner Date

“Red wine – The best wine for any kind of heavy meal” When you are showing up to a girl’s house for a dinner date, it is a good idea to bring a bottle of wine with you. After all, she is doing all the hard work of making the food, the least you could do is pony up the cash to buy something nice to drink with it. Even if you are not a wine guy, it is possible for you to buy a good wine for dinner. There are just a few things to keep in mind when you are perusing the aisles at the liquor store: what is for dinner, the temperature outside and where you will be eating dinner. All of this will help you to choose the right wine and will allow you to look like a real gentleman for bringing something to the table. What Is For Dinner? “You can pair white wine with fish” The kind of food you are going to have is a very important in terms of what kind of wine you buy. Red wine is good for any sort of meal. If she is making anything with red meat, you should buy red wine. If she is making fish…


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