What to Do When Her Body Hair Is a Turnoff?

We’ve all had one, a beautiful woman with a perfect body. You get her to your house and undress her to reveal the jungle between her legs, or worse, underneath her arms or all over her legs. Sure, we get that some women prefer not to shave. We also understand that some men are perfectly happy sleeping with a woman covered in body hair. That’s great for them. However, for the rest of us who prefer our women to be soft and silky, there are a few things you can do to try to deal with a woman who has body hair. In some cases, you may even be able to convince her to get rid of it. Drop Subtle Hints “Don’t mention anything about her being hairy down there” One of the easiest ways to tell her that you don’t like her body hair without actually telling her that you don’t like it is to drop a few subtle clues. The first clue can be always having sex with the lights off. Eventually she will want to know why you never have sexwith the lights on. You do not want to tell her why at this point. You will want that to come later on if it gets that…

Three Essentials for a Sex Dungeon

If you really want to kick your game up a notch, then you have to invest in a sex dungeon. Now, you don’t need to have a literal dungeon for this – your room will work just fine. Not only can your room do perfectly, but you can also hide away your sexy supplies in your bedroom. Most people won’t be barging in there for no good reason, so keep the kinky stuff in there. If you really want to commit to having a full-on sex dungeon, though, there are three things you have to invest in. Sex Swing “A sex swing will give her extra sexual pleasure” This one’s only for the very committed, because it definitely isn’t easy to take down and set back up. You have to install hooks on your ceiling, and unless you just conveniently have one corner of the room dedicated to pot plants, it’s going to seem fishy if you have visitors. Installing a sex swing will show her that you’re serious about sex, but it also means that you can’t have random visitors coming in. The sex swing is the perfect tool to get you deeper than you ever imagined and to make yourself seem larger than life while keeping her in…

Look Good in Winter Clothes

For some reason wintertime seems to make it alright for people to start sporting their Grandma’s knitting line exclusively. Knotted wool hats, crooked scarves, and awkward mittens are never okay to wear, even if they seem functional. You are not a grandma’s boy; you are a classy guy who wears clothes that actually look good. Even if you’re not sure what that means, you’re going to have to do it to stand out from yarn-wrapped popsicles out there. Hats “A hat will make you look insanely hot” Hats are ideal for keeping your head warm. They can also look good. To get the two worlds to meet, try wearing (store bought) beanies and wool caps. Avoid wearing anything that a family member or friend made you (unless they are actually good at making this shit), ear muffs, or anything with a pompom. Leather Leather is the cool-guy material that’s perfect for the cold weather. Jackets and shoes are the prime piece of clothing for leather. While it may technically work, leather pants look a little dated and can’t be layered as easily. When you’re buying a jacket or pair of shoes, you want to actually spend a decent amount of money on it and then take care of it. Water…

How to Act When You’re at Her Place

“Be patient” Getting invited back to her place is an accomplishment in and of itself. There are a lot of women out there who are more than willing to go home with a guy, but not to their place. It’s a trust thing – she’s willing to sleep with you, but not willing to let you see her living space for whatever reason. You’d be surprised how many women are shy about it. Don’t betray her trust by acting like a pig when you’re at her place, whether you’re just there for a quick one-night standyou don’t anticipate seeing her again or if it’s what you hope is the start of a long string of casual hookups. If you want any chance of continuing to see this woman, knowing how to act when you’re at her place is crucial. All it really takes is common sense and basic manners, but you’d be surprised how many men seem to forget all of that when they’re at a woman’s place. Personal Space Is Important When this particular little insight is mentioned to a lot of men, their initial reaction is usually disbelief. After all, she’s invited you home for one purpose – to hook up. She wants you to show her a…

Bragging: Will It Make You Look Good or Come Back to Bite You?

“You will look more confident and successful in front of your friends” It’s normal to want to brag a little when something goes your way. It’s a remnant of a childhood sense of superiority, and there’s nothing wrong with that. As long as you aren’t acting immature about it, a little good-natured boasting isn’t too bad. If you win a contest, you want people to know. If you get that promotion at work, you’re going to want to tell your friends. When you take a beautiful woman home, it’s only natural to want to tell your friends. Especially if they know her (or at the very least, have seen her before), it’s going to be hard to resist letting them all know exactly what she was like in bed when you took her home. The question is, should you really be bragging? On one hand, it’ll make you look great in front of your friends but on the other hand, it could end up coming back to bite you if you should ever want to sleep with that woman or any of her friends again. The Pros It might make you look great in front of your friends, depending on the type of friends you have. If you’re not being…


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