Should You Shave

Now that No Shave November is finally over, you may be wondering if you should shave off another part of your body that tends to grow hair just as quickly as your face. More importantly, you may be questioning what affect trimming or shaving may have on any potential hookups. Depending on the type of women you date, shaving can work out in your favor. Before you decide to shave, you should take into consideration the type of women you date. You also need to think about the type of lifestyle you have and if shaving would benefit you. What’s Your Type? “Bohemian Women – They don’t like a man who is hairless” If you don’t have a specific type of woman that you’re interested in, shaving can be great for you. The only real setback you will have is that you may run into a few women who are turned on by your lack of hair. However, the advantage is that more women may be willing to go down on you. The types of woman you need to look out for if you decide to shave are hipsters and Bohemian type women, who believe that going au natural is best. We have found that these types of women have…

Putting Yourself First:Why Personal Grooming Will Attract a Woman

There isn’t a single person in the world that wants to put their mouth on anything hairy. This includes nuts, pubes, abs, back, nose, ear, or any other body part, for that matter. You aren’t going to touch any of those things though, right? Well why not be more considerate to the ladies. They have to be around your hairy ass and deal with it getting in their mouth, not you. Guys don’t have hair like girls do. Ladies have soft hair, even when it’s grown out after the stubble phase. When guys let their hair grow out, it turns into a long, stringy bush that she really isn’t going to appreciate getting in her mouth. That’s why it’s important for you to trim up your hair. Women aren’t going to want to get at you if they have to worry about braiding your body hair. Where to Trim Nose/ears: “Tweeze your unwanted nose hair” Luckily this isn’t something you have to start worrying about until a little later in your life. Eventually you’re going to notice that you have little tufts of fur growing out of you. While they may be bristly and cool to touch, they aren’t attractive. Get yourself one of those little tubular trimmers and stick…

Date Spots That Are Good for Taking a Fling Girlfriend To

“Mountain biking” There’s a level between one-night stand and serious relationship, and that’s a casual fling. The woman you’re seeing doesn’t want commitment any more than you do and you’re seeing each other, but only so often. Since your relationship isn’t purely about quick hookups, it’s only natural to want to take her out on a date or two. The problem of where to take her arises, though. With a serious girlfriend, you could treat her to a romantic dinner at a restaurant or even at home, but with a casual girlfriend you don’t want to give her something like that to avoid sending her the wrong message. If you haven’t had a casual fling girlfriend in the past, don’t worry. There are spots that exist for dates that are great to take her to so you can still have fun without feeling like a committed man. Laid-Back and Inexpensive The best date spots for casual couples are ones that are laid-back and low-key. They’re usually more fun and carefree than date spots you might take a serious girlfriend to. Five-star restaurants are probably out, and even if one of her biggest interests is the theater, an expensive ticket to a theatrical performance probably isn’t your best bet either. Those…


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