One-Night Stands with Married Women

One-night stands aren’t for every guy. It takes a special man to pick up women multiple times a week when all he wants to do is have a string of casual hookups, and let’s face it, not every guy has it. We know you’ve got it in you! If one-night stands have a certain technique to them, hooking up with married women is an absolute art form. When you’re single but set your sights on women with rings on their fingers, you’re in for an experience that is going to be just as rewarding (if not more so) than a hook up with the average single woman. While it’s going to be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life, it’s going to take a little bit of extra work though, so you have to be ready to put that in. Married women are in a league all their own, trust us. Sometimes they’re adventurous, other times they’re cheating on their husband to get back at him for some transgression, and sometimes, they’re just lonely. Whatever their reason for looking for something extra on the side, you can be there to give it to them, provided you’re willing to put in a little extra bit of effort. A Little…

Finding Your Inner Freak: Why She Wants You to Be Naughtier

“She wants to feel sexy in bed” So many guys are watching their every move when going on dates with girls. This can lead to pretty boring nights when guys are not willing to be a little naughtier. Believe it or not, girls want you to be naughty. They want to have their butts spanked and to have dirty things whispered into their ears. It is your job as the man to give her what she is looking for without having to force her to ask for it. This will allow you to have more fun and will encourage her to do more to turn you on as well. Here are a few of the things you can do to be naughtier and why she likes it. Get a Little Rough with Her in Bed Not every woman wants to have a BDSM relationship, but that does not mean she does not want you to be a little rough in the bed. Spanking her butt, grabbing her hair, and pinning her down are all ways to take control and make her feel like she is giving in to your will. This is a big turn on for most women, because it makes them feel they are with a real man…


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