Three Surprising Spots to Focus On During Foreplay

If you feel like your foreplay is falling a little flat these days, then she’s probably been feeling the same way. Bring that spark back by throwing in a few new tricks, because doing the same thing every time gets boring. Even if you’re adventurous and will eagerly go down on her, she’ll be thankful for the change of pace. Women are difficult to arouse as it is, and you don’t want to get started without being sure she’s into it, too. Try paying attention to these three unassuming spots during foreplay and watch your activity change instantly from dull to dynamic. Neck “Increase her sex drive by kissing her neck” While you might leave a few marks here and there on her neck, chances are you aren’t paying it the attention it deserves. A woman’s neckis one of the lesser-known erogenous zones, and stimulating it will get her going in no time flat. Get on her and kiss her neck, bite every once in a while, and then soothe the bites with your tongue. Once you’ve done that for a while, pull back just a bit to breathe over all the marks. The chill will give her shivers that run all the way down to her clit, and she’s…

Should You Shave

Now that No Shave November is finally over, you may be wondering if you should shave off another part of your body that tends to grow hair just as quickly as your face. More importantly, you may be questioning what affect trimming or shaving may have on any potential hookups. Depending on the type of women you date, shaving can work out in your favor. Before you decide to shave, you should take into consideration the type of women you date. You also need to think about the type of lifestyle you have and if shaving would benefit you. What’s Your Type? “Bohemian Women – They don’t like a man who is hairless” If you don’t have a specific type of woman that you’re interested in, shaving can be great for you. The only real setback you will have is that you may run into a few women who are turned on by your lack of hair. However, the advantage is that more women may be willing to go down on you. The types of woman you need to look out for if you decide to shave are hipsters and Bohemian type women, who believe that going au natural is best. We have found that these types of women have…

Friends with Benefits: Why She May Not Want a Relationship

One of the mistakesa lot of guys make is the assumption every woman they meet is looking for a steady relationship. This is a problem because when you make this assumption you start approaching women in the wrong way. You need to keep in mind while not all women want to have sex all the time, it does not mean they want to have a relationship either. This is when you can develop a very worthwhile friends-with-benefits (FWB) relationship with her. Of course, you may need to know the signs to look for: career, previous relationships and age. This will help you to know if it is possible to have a FWB relationship without ever having to go through the awkward stage of asking. Know Her Career Status “She might be serious about her career” Women looking to advance in their career may not want a relationship to get in the way. This is because if they are tied down in a steady relationship, it could stop them from making a spur of the moment decision to move to another state, or another country to further the career. If she is serious about her career, and she has a good one to be serious about, a FWB relationship may just…


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