What to Do When Her Body Hair Is a Turnoff?

What to Do When Her Body Hair Is a Turnoff?

Weve all had one, a beautiful woman with a perfect body. You get her to your house and undress her to reveal the jungle between her legs, or worse, underneath her arms or all over her legs. Sure, we get that some women prefer not to shave. We also understand that some men are perfectly happy sleeping with a woman covered in body hair. Thats great for them. However, for the rest of us who prefer our women to be soft and silky, there are a few things you can do to try to deal with a woman who has body hair. In some cases, you may even be able to convince her to get rid of it.

Drop Subtle Hints

Dont mention anything about her being hairy down there

One of the easiest ways to tell her that you dont like her body hair without actually telling her that you dont like it is to drop a few subtle clues. The first clue can be always having sex with the lights off. Eventually she will want to know why you never have sexwith the lights on. You do not want to tell her why at this point. You will want that to come later on if it gets that far.

The next clue you want to drop this mentioning another woman who shaves her legs. You want this woman to be a family member, and you should make up a story about how this family member went on and on about how smooth her legs felt. Tell her that the family member would not leave you alone until you touched one of her legs. Afterward, tell her it was smooth and felt kind of nice. Do not mention anything about her not shaving her legsor any other parts of her body. She is already thinking about whether or not she should shave hers because she wants you to think that touching her skin feels nice, too.

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Take One for the Team

Ask her if you can shave her too

When drastic times call for drastic measures, you may have to be willing to let some of your own body hair go temporarily. An easy way to convince her to get rid of the hair is to let her shave off yours and ask if you can return the favor. However, you do not want to come right out and ask this question. Rather, you should tell her that you have been thinking about shaving lately and ask her to help you out.

You want to make sure that she feels like the two of you shaving each other is something that can be considered both sensual and sexual. Do not make any remarks about how gross body hairis or anything like that. Focus on being gentle and careful. When you are done, make sure to caress her freshly shaved parts and then give her the best sex of her life.

When you subtly drop hints, it lessens the chance of her being defensive over having body hair. Never come right out and ask her to get rid of her body hair. Instead, make her come to the conclusion that when she gets rid of her body hair, it will lead to the two of you being sensual and having amazing sex.

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