Charming Her When Shes with Friends

Charming Her When Shes with Friends

Buy her a drink

When you really want to make a good first impression with that beautiful woman youve spotted eating dinner with her friends, the first thing you should do is pour on the charm. Women love men who flatter them in front of their friends, and most importantly, they love having a man they can bring over. The next time you are out at the bar having a drink while watching the game and you see a woman that youd like to get to know, use some of the tips to make sure that you leave with her phone number. Even if you dont get her number, you may end up getting one of her friends numbers.

Show Off

The first step to charming a woman in front of her friends is similar to the same thing you would do if you wanted to buy her a drink. However, you are going to take it a step further than that. While you still want to buy her a drink, you also want to pay for her meal. Make sure you take a quick glance of what shes eating. You dont want to end up paying a small fortune for her food, after all.

Once you have decided to pay for her drink and her meal, you are going to have to get your waiter or waitress to work for you, which means you are going to have to dish out a little extra tip money. It doesnt have to be a lot, and chances are whoever it is will be amused by it, so they wont complain or feel bothered by the extra work.

When you have waiter or waitress on board, you need to start writing flattering messages on paper napkins and have them sent over to the women that youre interested in. Make sure you keep the messages clean. Tell her shes beautiful, but do not focus only on her body. You can write tasteful jokes, poetry, or anything that is going to have her blushing and giggling with her friends.

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Keep It Going

Dont stare at her for too long

Make sure that neither you nor your waitress tells her who you are right away. You want to keep the game going for as long as you can. You can encourage her to write back, and if she does make sure to compliment her lovely handwriting.

You should also try your best to include her friends in your messages. Say hello to them or let them know via your own messages that is perfectly fine for them to message you as well, especially if they are willing to share facts about the woman that youre interested in. Never once express any interest in any of the other women.

As you see them preparing to leave, have your waitress bring over your last message that includes your name, phone number, and email address. When you waiter goes to drop off the message and to inform her that you have paid for her meal, have her point you out and shyly wave at her. Make sure to smile, but do not stare at her for too long. You want to appear unthreatening.

Afterward, she will either come to your table to speak with you for a little while or she will call you the moment she has a chance to. If not, you can be sure that one of her friends has already memorized your number and will be calling you to pick up where you and the other woman left off.

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