Poaching a Woman in a Relationship

Poaching a Woman in a Relationship

Step One: Find the Weak Spot

If youve got your eye on a woman who already has a boyfriend dont worry. There are things you can do to get her on your side without having to confront the boyfriend. All it takes is a little knowledge of their relationship, a little patience, and putting on the pressure at the right instant. Follow these three steps, and youll have poached the woman of your dreams for a hookup, one night stand, fling, or even a relationship of your own.

No relationship is perfect. The first step to this plan is to find the place where her current relationship leaves her unfulfilled. Maybe her boyfriend is a great provider, but he never wants to listen to her talk about her coworkers. Maybe they have a great romantic relationship at home, but he never takes her anywhere. Whatever the weakness is, hone in on it until you know exactly what she wants from a man that shes not getting from her relationship. This will be your ammunition in the war to come. If possible, try to find two or three of these. The more flaws the relationship has and the bigger they are the easier it will be to exploit them and get her into bed.

Step Two: The Waiting Game

Now that you know what shes craving and not getting at home, step up and provide that for her. Suck up the boredom and spend an hour listening to her catty remarks about people she works with. Ask her out for a totally harmless, just friends lunch date because you happen to work close together. Dont worry about it, youll pay. Find a way to give her what shes craving in a way that wont raise alarm bells.

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This may take some time. The longer you keep this up in infrequent or low key ways, the more youre investing in your future with her. Persistence is key. Dont give up, and youll be in prime location when it comes to step three.

Step Three: Strike

Get while the getting is good, as they say. You want a point where their relationship is at a low point. Maybe she complains to you that she feels neglected. Maybe you hear that they got into a big fight. Maybe you find that hes going out of town and shes feeling all alone. Thats when the time and effort that youve put in comes in handy.

Seduce her. Use all the rapport that youve built to get her on your side, and then offer her comfort and a little more. Play to her previous lovers faults, and youll have her purring in your bed by the end of the night.

What comes next is up to you. Whether you were only in it for one night or not, you control the outcome by whether or not you choose to tell her boyfriend. If you want her for awhile, tell her that you have to be honest. Tell the boyfriend, theyll break up, and you can have her for as long as you want. If you dont, tell her that itll always be your little secret and let life continue like it never happened.

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