Three Subtle Ways to Give Her Your Number

Three Subtle Ways to Give Her Your Number

Try to add your phone number into her phone book

When youre trying to hook up, the hardest thing to do is giving any woman your number. Not only is it mortifying for you, but also a lot of women think its presumptuous to go around handing out your number. In this day and age, youre more likely to get a woman who either halfheartedly accepts to be polite or one that outright turns you down. So, instead of being upfront about it, you need to come up with a more clever approach. These three subtle ways of giving out your digits will work every time.

I Lost My Phone

Can I use your phone?

People are generally more than willing to help out a person in need, especially when their cell phone has gone missing. Even if the thing is sitting safe and sound in your pocket, act like its nowhere to be found. If youve been chatting up a gorgeous woman, ask her politely if shed call your phone so you can find it. Shell most likely agree, and then you get an excuseto give her your number without forcing her to add it into her phone book. Its just a nice little resource for her to have after you two part ways if she decides that she liked what she saw. Once she calls your phone and your pocket starts ringing, you can play it all off as an honest mistake and shell be none the wiser.

Sneak Attack

If you can get ahold of her phone, do it. Steal it away for a bit and add your info into her phone book, or hide her phone somewhere so that she has to have you call hers instead. Either way shell have your number programmed into her phone and youll be way more likely to get a call back. If you cant get ahold of her phone, then find a napkin or coaster to write on. Instead of writing your number down and handing it over, find a way to slip it into her bag. Shell find it later and will think its a cute reminder of super fun nightshe had, and shell be happy to give you a ring.

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Common Interest

The best way to give a woman your number without seeming creepy is to find something that the two of you have in common. That band she loves so much? Well, you can offer to shoot her a text the next time you hear about them being in town so she doesnt miss out. Not only do you seem like a great guy whos in the know about all things music, but it also gives you an opportunity for a dateif that band does come around. Even if they dont, you can text her about other bands that you think she might like. If she isnt into the music scene, offer to text her info about other things shes interested in. Youll get in instantly with her, and shell think youre sweet for giving her the scoop when really you just want a date.

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